Averting Violence in Our Schools Using Metal Detectors

pl1451164-super_scanner_security_walk_through_metal_detector_for_airport_schoolViolence in schools is getting worse and worse every year. No state, no city and no town seems to be exempt. As the violence had been increasing yearly, the federal government finally decided to get involved. In 1994, they began to require school safety programs, which was an attempt to cut down on the violence. Many inner city schools began to implement walk through metal detectors in an effort to seek out students with weapons such as guns and knives, and now, about 20 years later we can take a look back and see how those metal detectors have done.

Shortly after many of the metal detectors were installed, estimates by the federal government suggested incidents had dropped by over 50%. This is a huge, statistically speaking, because not all schools had them installed. Many schools in what some would consider “good areas” didn’t think the need was there. However, 1999 would show how even schools in good areas needed to think twice. Spring of 1999 would prove to hold the worst school shooting incident on record until then, with the Columbine High School shooters killing 13 and injuring another 20 students and staff. This upper middle class area was ripe for violence, with students finally speaking out about unending bullying going on at school.


Another well publicized shooting would take place at an elementary, Sandy Hook, in 2012. This time 20 young children and six staff members would perish in the gunfire. While violence and violent people don’t seem to care who they harm, the incident of school shootings is something parents, school boards, and the government need to take seriously. There is no longer a ‘target demographic’ that we need to worry about. Every school in every town needs to pay attention to the fact that school violence is on the rise across America.

Installing walk through metal detectors for schools is one of the best, fail proof ways to ensuring student safety. These machines are able to detect all types of metal, from guns to knives to hammers, all which could potentially kill someone. The walk through metal detectors are easy to install and easy to teach staff how to use. Since many staff are already required to watch the kids as they come into the building in the mornings, this same staff could easily be trained to watch the students file through a line for the metal detector. Doing this would not only help to stop school shootings, but would ensure a safer environment for everyone. Over the years, many PTAs and PTOs have raised funds for a variety of things schools need. Given the desire to have one, these same organizations could easily raise the funds through fundraisers and grants, establishing a safe, gun free zone for their school.