The Benefits of Walk Through Metal Detectors in Hospitals

It seems as if everywhere you turn there is the potential for violence, and hospitals are no different. On a daily basis, hospitals see thousands of patients in offices, the emergency room, cancer treatments areas, and more. Hospitals are literally revolving doors for anyone walking in off the street. In an effort to curb violence, hospitals have security on staff, but is this really enough? This lady certainly demands more security in hospitals.

Hospital security at larger hospitals often take down names and driver’s license numbers of visitors. While this is a good start, this doesn’t alert them as to whether or not the person is carrying a weapon. Some people intend to harm others, not caring if their own lives are in danger if something goes awry. So while the hospital may have their name and information, it does little to stop the actual act of violence.

When a person comes in off the street or in an ambulance, typically, no one knows where they have been or what they have been doing. Many injuries are due to domestic violence, and often the perpetrator is still at large. If this person is still lurking about, they could easily find their way to the hospital to try and finish the job they started. Having walk through metal detectors would help to prevent crimes from being committed.

Some people, namely those who have drug addictions, often come to the hospital in an effort to convince staff they are very ill, all in an attempt to score some type of drug. While this isn’t common, it does happen. Although there are signs posted in many hospitals that weapons aren’t allowed, people who are drugged up or high are highly unlikely to pay heed to any rules. They are there for one reason only. While they may not be there to commit a crime, they may resort to violence if refused what they came for. Guns and knives are easily hidden under clothes, in purses, and other unnoticeable places.

Hospitals that are concerned about the safety of their staff need to consider having walk through metal detectors at all entrances, even the emergency room. The chances of someone getting into a hospital with a weapon drastically decreases when these standing units are installed.

Since most hospitals already have security guards on duty, there is no increased cost for someone to man the walk through metal detectors. The units themselves are easy to operate and it takes little time to train staff on their use. By installing walk through metal detectors at all the entrances, hospitals can be assured they are doing everything possible to curb any violence that could potentially take place in their building, while ensuring the safety of everyone inside.