How To Keep Your Event Secure Using Metal Detectors?

Security measures must be taken at any event regardless of its size. It is your responsibility to keep your guests, VIPs and celebrity participants safe and happy throughout the event to which certain security measures must be taken.

Fire and Medical Emergency Care

For large events make sure that you have a doctor’s service or ambulance readily available so that a guest can get immediate medical attention if something goes wrong. A public event is not just vulnerable to weapon related threats, but they are also exposed to fire from short-circuit or a manmade one. In potentially vulnerable areas, restrict smoking if necessary. Make sure to bring as many fire extinguishers as necessary and prepare emergency exits for quick evacuation of your guests if anything goes wrong.

In very large events, handing out fire evacuation event to the whole staff and making public announcements to the participants can help to reduce the risk to a very large extent.

Alcohol Related Violence Control

If your event serves alcohol, make sure that you have purchased liquor liability insurance and your event comply to all local laws related to serving alcohol in public places. Make sure to hire sufficient staff to control things if someone sparks trouble.

Access Control – The First Step In Preventing Any Mishaps

It goes without saying that the first and foremost thing to do to increase the security of any event regardless of its size is controlling who is permitted. This works perfectly well for private events with a limited number of participants, but what if your event is public? If you are holding a public event, the best way to keep things under control is installing a screening area so that a troublesome member can’t get inside. Make sure even the staffs are required to carry their ID card all the time so that you can differentiate between a staff member and a guest if things go wrong.

If you install efficient metal detectors in the screening area and screen every member before allowing them to participate in the event, you can prevent violence to a large extent. If no one is carrying a gun or other violent weapons, attacks rarely takes place. Even if something goes wrong and fight starts, your staff will have full control over the situation as the perpetrators of the attack do not carry any harmful weapons. For large events, you may need several metal detectors to allow fast access to your members.

Sometimes purchasing metal detectors is not a viable option for you if you are holding a onetime event. In such cases, you can consider renting metal detectors from an agency as required. Renting metal detectors is a cost effective solution for organizers because they can rent as many metal detectors as required at a very nominal cost. Considering the safety and security that screening can provide, ignoring the screening is not at all smart. Since renting metal detectors has become easier than ever, you need not worry about the cost too.

Security Options for Your Next (Corporate, Fundraising…) Event (this would be a good opportunity for you to discuss your rental options; walk-thru detectors as well as wands for events held in off-site locations, but for those held on site, permanently installing detectors is a great investment)