The Rising Cost of School Violence

Just 20 years ago no one would have thought school violence could hit such an all time high. Parents never sent their children to school thinking the kids would hear gunshots down the hall or have to hide under desks or in closets until gunmen leave the area. While there have always been a few schools here and there throughout the U.S. that have had problems with violence, they were very few and far between. Things have changed. In a recent study done by The National Center for Education Statistics, a whopping 7.7% of public schools have had some type of student threat of physical attack by means of a weapon.


When you have a high percentage of threats, there are bound to be some which will come to fruition. Protecting our students gets harder and harder every day. While there very well may be continuing threats, there are some ways in which we can further help to keep the violence to a minimum. One of the best ways would be to install metal detectors in every school. Metal detectors are able to recognize guns, knives, crow bars, or any type of metal which could potentially be used as a weapon. When metal detectors have been proven to be so successful at altering security to potential problems, it only makes sense to have them installed across the U.S. in all schools.


When exploring cost of metal detectors, many people including staff and parents are concerned with where the money will come from. In many ways, this is an ironic question. The cost of other, less necessary equipment often costs several times that of a metal detector. Take for example the modern day scoreboards. These huge electronic devices can often cost more than three times that of a metal detector. And what is more important, student safety or a fancy scoreboard with all the bells and whistles?


It is time for parents of school aged students to take a stand and demand the safety of their students. With ever increasing violence amongst the children and easily accessible weapons, the need is there on an ever increasing basis. Parents should make a stand and have the schools accountable for every child. When a metal detector can protect innocent lives of young children and young adults, there is an immediate need. Since walk through metal detectors can guarantee gun free school zones, it is imperative school boards begin to look at way to begin budgeting for them and having them installed. Every child has the right to be safe at school, and installing walk through metal detectors is one of the fastest, easiest ways to make this possible for our youth.

Preventing Unnecessary Deaths with Walk Through Metal Detectors

While we often hear about violence in schools, there is also violence in other areas of life. Just last year, a man who had been feuding with town officials in Pennsylvania decided to end the feud with murder. He was accused of zoning infractions and sewer regulations in a dispute lasting over 18 years. Although many people in the town knew this man well, and many admitted to being wary of him, no one thought he would take it so far.

In August of 2013, this man loaded a car with guns and ammunition and headed to the local town meeting. He opened fire, killing three men on the town board. It took two very brave men to take him down before he could harm or kill more people. After being arrested, he even stated he wished he could have killed more people. Ross Township, where the shooting occurred, is a smaller town with a population of just over 30,000. So even in smaller areas, there is the chance of violence.

Most towns have local meetings with officials at least once a month. The dates are almost always listed in the local newspapers in an attempt to get more people in the community involved. However, this does make town officials sitting ducks in a sense. No one knows who will show up, it’s anyone’s guess. If towns were to install walk through metal detectors in courthouses, they could easily prevent people with guns or other weapons from entering the building to begin with. They would stop the problem right in its tracks. While it seems like violence is something we only hear about happening in the bigger cities, the case of the Ross Township shooting proves it isn’t. Violence can happen anywhere at any time.

Installing walk through metal detectors is easy, as is teaching employees how to use them. They can alert employees to potential weapons being smuggled in, and also prevent people from trying to sneak something in to begin with. They are a barrier between innocent lives and those who wish to do those lives harm. In the case of the smaller town, the walk through metal detectors are easily moveable in case the town is expecting a record crowd and need to change location. While most town hall meetings are small and uneventful, there are always those issues that come up every few years where it seems everyone in the town want to have a say. When this happens, the metal detectors can be moved to a larger venue, such as an auditorium or gym. The benefits of smaller towns and cities using metal detectors are increased security, peace of mind for those at the meetings, and fewer attempts at violence.

Walk Through Metal Detectors and MRIs – A Good Combination

Anyone who has had to be examined with an MRI scan (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) can tell you about the interesting noises they make. You lie down on a moving table and it slides you into a tube, which is the main part of the machine. As the machine starts to work, there is a pinging sound going on around the head and body. The MRI works by using a large magnet and computer, and the sound is produced by large metal coils which vibrate while the computer is taking images. The images show how the body moves when strong magnetic pulses are placed on it, and by interpreting the images, doctors can see damage or abnormalities in the body. The MRI machine is able to produce magnetic fields which are up to 60,000 times stronger than the natural magnetic field of our planet.

While using the MRI is safe, there are safety issues related to it. There can be no metal in the room as the machine is in use, because the metal can be drawn to the magnetic force, potentially hitting the patient or harming the very expensive machine. Prior to going into the room with the MRI, patients are asked if they have any metal in their pocket or on their body, such as hair clips or pins. If so, it must be removed. While the staff is trained to ask each person, there is always room for human error.

In a very sad case in New York several years ago, a young boy was in the MRI machine. When it was turned on, an oxygen cylinder that hadn’t been seen by staff was pulled in by the magnetic force, hitting and killing him. Although this was an accident, it is easy to see how someone could easily forget a hair pin or small metal item. However, if the hospital were to install walk through metal detectors to the entrances to rooms with MRIs, they could eliminate the chances of someone getting seriously hurt or killed.

MRIs are so highly technical that the cost of the machines starts at $1 million dollars and goes up to over $2.3 million, depending on the standard. These machines and the people using them should be protected as much as possible. If hospitals want to protect their investment, the cost of a walk through metal detector is less than pennies on the dollar when compared to the cost of the MRI machine. The walk through metal detector will ensure the safety of the machine, and the patients, and help to alleviate the chance of human error. This would also eliminate any potential lawsuits the hospital may face. Walk through metal detectors pay for themselves, especially in a hospital setting.

Averting Violence in Our Schools Using Metal Detectors

pl1451164-super_scanner_security_walk_through_metal_detector_for_airport_schoolViolence in schools is getting worse and worse every year. No state, no city and no town seems to be exempt. As the violence had been increasing yearly, the federal government finally decided to get involved. In 1994, they began to require school safety programs, which was an attempt to cut down on the violence. Many inner city schools began to implement walk through metal detectors in an effort to seek out students with weapons such as guns and knives, and now, about 20 years later we can take a look back and see how those metal detectors have done.

Shortly after many of the metal detectors were installed, estimates by the federal government suggested incidents had dropped by over 50%. This is a huge, statistically speaking, because not all schools had them installed. Many schools in what some would consider “good areas” didn’t think the need was there. However, 1999 would show how even schools in good areas needed to think twice. Spring of 1999 would prove to hold the worst school shooting incident on record until then, with the Columbine High School shooters killing 13 and injuring another 20 students and staff. This upper middle class area was ripe for violence, with students finally speaking out about unending bullying going on at school.


Another well publicized shooting would take place at an elementary, Sandy Hook, in 2012. This time 20 young children and six staff members would perish in the gunfire. While violence and violent people don’t seem to care who they harm, the incident of school shootings is something parents, school boards, and the government need to take seriously. There is no longer a ‘target demographic’ that we need to worry about. Every school in every town needs to pay attention to the fact that school violence is on the rise across America.

Installing walk through metal detectors for schools is one of the best, fail proof ways to ensuring student safety. These machines are able to detect all types of metal, from guns to knives to hammers, all which could potentially kill someone. The walk through metal detectors are easy to install and easy to teach staff how to use. Since many staff are already required to watch the kids as they come into the building in the mornings, this same staff could easily be trained to watch the students file through a line for the metal detector. Doing this would not only help to stop school shootings, but would ensure a safer environment for everyone. Over the years, many PTAs and PTOs have raised funds for a variety of things schools need. Given the desire to have one, these same organizations could easily raise the funds through fundraisers and grants, establishing a safe, gun free zone for their school.

The Benefits of Walk Through Metal Detectors in Hospitals

It seems as if everywhere you turn there is the potential for violence, and hospitals are no different. On a daily basis, hospitals see thousands of patients in offices, the emergency room, cancer treatments areas, and more. Hospitals are literally revolving doors for anyone walking in off the street. In an effort to curb violence, hospitals have security on staff, but is this really enough? This lady certainly demands more security in hospitals.

Hospital security at larger hospitals often take down names and driver’s license numbers of visitors. While this is a good start, this doesn’t alert them as to whether or not the person is carrying a weapon. Some people intend to harm others, not caring if their own lives are in danger if something goes awry. So while the hospital may have their name and information, it does little to stop the actual act of violence.

When a person comes in off the street or in an ambulance, typically, no one knows where they have been or what they have been doing. Many injuries are due to domestic violence, and often the perpetrator is still at large. If this person is still lurking about, they could easily find their way to the hospital to try and finish the job they started. Having walk through metal detectors would help to prevent crimes from being committed.

Some people, namely those who have drug addictions, often come to the hospital in an effort to convince staff they are very ill, all in an attempt to score some type of drug. While this isn’t common, it does happen. Although there are signs posted in many hospitals that weapons aren’t allowed, people who are drugged up or high are highly unlikely to pay heed to any rules. They are there for one reason only. While they may not be there to commit a crime, they may resort to violence if refused what they came for. Guns and knives are easily hidden under clothes, in purses, and other unnoticeable places.

Hospitals that are concerned about the safety of their staff need to consider having walk through metal detectors at all entrances, even the emergency room. The chances of someone getting into a hospital with a weapon drastically decreases when these standing units are installed.

Since most hospitals already have security guards on duty, there is no increased cost for someone to man the walk through metal detectors. The units themselves are easy to operate and it takes little time to train staff on their use. By installing walk through metal detectors at all the entrances, hospitals can be assured they are doing everything possible to curb any violence that could potentially take place in their building, while ensuring the safety of everyone inside.

Tips for Buying Security Metal Detectors

pl1451164-super_scanner_security_walk_through_metal_detector_for_airport_schoolsuperwand1With government agencies emphasizing the need for more stringent security measures in airports, hotels and shopping centers, there’s no questioning the fact that you have to purchase only the best security metal detectors in the market. But since there are many options to choose from, understanding the key features of a reliable security metal detector will be essential.

Portable Metal Detectors

Handheld metal detectors come in different styles, but the best ones have an ergonomic design. It would be nice if the detector has an offset hand grip so your hand doesn’t get in the way when inspecting a sensitive spot. A well made detector also won’t have sharp corners or edges that might get in the way as you pass the device over a particular area. In other words, the mechanical design has to be such that it doesn’t get in the way of folds, buckles, buttons and other articles of clothing.

While shopping for a metal detector, make sure you choose one that has uniform sensitivity for non-magnetic and magnetic targets including stainless steel. At the same time you should test the device for body compensation and be certain that it is not vulnerable to disturbances from mechanical and electromagnetic influences. This is particularly important because it might affect its accuracy.

Needless to say, the device must be 100% digital and have all the essential functions you are looking for. Only you can decide what functions are needed by your company, but at the very least it should have a magnetic field receiver/transmitter, a USB port, external communication and a digital operator interface. Well designed security metal detectors also don’t require calibration.

Other Features to Look For

Assess the control panel and ensure the switches are easy to identify, with appropriate warning lights. Besides consistent and reliable performance, the device should not be affected whether it is used indoors or outdoors. A portable detector moreover, needs to have a long battery life and should be fully rechargeable too.

These devices have different alarm indicators, but for use in airports and hotels, the signal should be either fixed or commensurate to the object that it has detected. You can also get a vibrating detector, although many devices actually have several indicators built-in.

Walk Through Metal Detectors

If you are interested in purchasing a walkthrough metal detector, your primary consideration is its detection capability. For superior detection the system has to be capable of sensing mixed alloys, magnetic and non-magnetic alloys. More importantly, it should adhere to the highest standards in terms of weapons detection. And of course, a high end detection system is useless if it takes forever to install, so ease of use is a must.

For security purposes, security metal detectors need to be equipped with technology that will allow you to determine what kind of metal is going through your establishment and if so, how many. And while metal detecting is critical you need to make sure it can discriminate between metals and personal effects. A detector that cannot distinguish between the two can cause delays and frustration, on your part as well as your customers, so test the system before deciding to buy it.




How To Keep Your Event Secure Using Metal Detectors?

Security measures must be taken at any event regardless of its size. It is your responsibility to keep your guests, VIPs and celebrity participants safe and happy throughout the event to which certain security measures must be taken.

Fire and Medical Emergency Care

For large events make sure that you have a doctor’s service or ambulance readily available so that a guest can get immediate medical attention if something goes wrong. A public event is not just vulnerable to weapon related threats, but they are also exposed to fire from short-circuit or a manmade one. In potentially vulnerable areas, restrict smoking if necessary. Make sure to bring as many fire extinguishers as necessary and prepare emergency exits for quick evacuation of your guests if anything goes wrong.

In very large events, handing out fire evacuation event to the whole staff and making public announcements to the participants can help to reduce the risk to a very large extent.

Alcohol Related Violence Control

If your event serves alcohol, make sure that you have purchased liquor liability insurance and your event comply to all local laws related to serving alcohol in public places. Make sure to hire sufficient staff to control things if someone sparks trouble.

Access Control – The First Step In Preventing Any Mishaps

It goes without saying that the first and foremost thing to do to increase the security of any event regardless of its size is controlling who is permitted. This works perfectly well for private events with a limited number of participants, but what if your event is public? If you are holding a public event, the best way to keep things under control is installing a screening area so that a troublesome member can’t get inside. Make sure even the staffs are required to carry their ID card all the time so that you can differentiate between a staff member and a guest if things go wrong.

If you install efficient metal detectors in the screening area and screen every member before allowing them to participate in the event, you can prevent violence to a large extent. If no one is carrying a gun or other violent weapons, attacks rarely takes place. Even if something goes wrong and fight starts, your staff will have full control over the situation as the perpetrators of the attack do not carry any harmful weapons. For large events, you may need several metal detectors to allow fast access to your members.

Sometimes purchasing metal detectors is not a viable option for you if you are holding a onetime event. In such cases, you can consider renting metal detectors from an agency as required. Renting metal detectors is a cost effective solution for organizers because they can rent as many metal detectors as required at a very nominal cost. Considering the safety and security that screening can provide, ignoring the screening is not at all smart. Since renting metal detectors has become easier than ever, you need not worry about the cost too.

Security Options for Your Next (Corporate, Fundraising…) Event (this would be a good opportunity for you to discuss your rental options; walk-thru detectors as well as wands for events held in off-site locations, but for those held on site, permanently installing detectors is a great investment)

Safety In Hotels With The Garrett PD 6500i Metal Detector

Garrett pd 6500i 2Hotels are prime locations for tourists, businessmen conducting their businesses abroad, and families and friends out on a vacation looking for a place to stay. Hotels, while a bit more expensive than staying in motels and rental houses, are more luxurious and the service it offers is well worth the money spent. Hotels also offer other benefits and amenities that make their stay much more pleasant, such as free Wi-Fi, access to the buffet, and many others. Hotels also have better security features, which makes the customers feel safer and more secured.

However, even if hotels are well-equipped with the state-of-the-art cameras and other security features, criminals can still find their way inside these hotels and commit crimes. Some cases of robbery, hostage-taking, and even terrorism have taken place on hotels all around the world. While some of these cases were solved and the criminals were arrested, it still shows that hotels are not perfectly safe and are vulnerable targets of criminals.

So the question here is how can hotel owners ensure the safety of their clients? What are the steps they should take in order to prevent such cases from happening on their hotels? Is there any way to prevent all these from happening in the first place?

Fortunately, these incidents can indeed be avoided. Improving the security measures is one of the first things these hotel owners should do. By doing so, they can make sure that their customers and clients are safe and secured. One thing they can do in order for them to avoid such incidents is by opting for a metal detector. A great example of a metal detector they can use is the new Garrett PD 6500i walk-through metal detector.

The Garrett PD 6500i metal detector is one of the best and most advanced metal detectors available in the market today. It has several features and incorporated technologies that make it one of the best metal detectors worldwide. Some of the technologies incorporated on this metal detector is the Interference Suppression technology, which enables it to work even when disrupting electrical signals are present in the area, Advanced Broadband detection technology, which scans the person’s body from head to foot, left to right, and inside and outside, and the 33 Pinpoint Zone technology, which thoroughly scans every minute detail on the person’s body, enabling the security personnel to detect even the most concealed illegal items on a person’s body or property. The Garrett PD 6500i metal detector is indeed an advanced piece of technology, greatly improving the security of a location by at least ten times.

The Garrett PD 6500i is proven to be an effective security tool, as it was employed on various major events such as the  Olympics in 2010 and last year’s and this year’s Superbowl.

Ensure your hotel’s and your customers’ safety by making use of the Garrett PD 6500i walk-through metal detector. This small investment in security will certainly go a long way, keeping your hotel safe from criminals, as well as ensuring that your investments and profits are safe.

When School and County Officials Suggest Metal Detectors for Schools

While metal detectors can help reduce the presence of weapons on school campuses, the measure alone may not be enough to prevent all weapons from entering school grounds.  There are school districts and county officials across the United States seeking ways to include metal detectors into their budgets.  Yet, school law enforcement officials know there are legal restrictions that also affect the level of safety for schools.

Making an Agreement on How Metal Detectors Would Be Used in Schools

There are a number of controversial issues in having metal detectors in schools, with district officials considering legal restrictions that could actually hurt a school’s chance at getting a detector installed. One report looks at the process for approving metal detectors for a school district in the state of Nevada.  Because of where school officials want to install the metal detector within school buildings, many districts have to consider scaling down on the type of detector they want for their school.

For instance, if school officials want a walk-through detector at certain entrances and exits, county officials may find safety issues clashing with idea, such as how would students evacuate from the building quickly and safely in an emergency?  Plus, county officials feel that placing detectors at such points at the school could create additional problems and inconsistencies.

Compromising on Where the Device Can Be Used and How

This school district is considering the use of hand-held metal detectors, with walk-through detectors for middle and high school campuses.  Community members and officials often explore such measures after so many crimes have been committed or they notice a trend in violent acts that are happening in their communities.

In the case of the Nevada school district, there have been a number of school shootings and incidents in recent times that have caused students to miss flying bullets, get grazed or wounded and even cause fatalities of young students.  Many school districts have visited the measure in the past, but then violence strikes or seems like it is on the rise, they once again find themselves revising the idea.  More schools want metal detectors but cost measures and how they would be implemented at the school continue to raise conflict between community members and school safety law officials.

Additional Measures Being Reviewed

Aside from metal detectors, digital security cameras are also on the rise and being added to more school security budgets.  There are other issues to consider such as student behavior and those with behavioral problems.  A number of districts seem to be slow in responding to needs of students who may need to be placed in an alternative learning environment.  Some community members and educators agree that many students who have behavior issues may not be getting the help they need, while they too play a role in increasing school violence.  There are ongoing reports throughout the United States on similar measures, but few feel the presence of a metal detector could greatly decrease negative behavior patterns among students.

Can Your Organization Benefit From A Metal Detector?

School_Of_Business_Building_VCUWhat kind or organizations get the most benefit from installing a metal detector?

Installing metal detectors calls for a high upfront investment so the question; “Is it really important for my organization?” comes in. What kind of organizations can benefit the most from a metal detector?

If you are an agent for various celebrities, chances are that a stalker of one of your clients might have chosen your office as a venue for a future crime. Celebrity offices, celebrity agents and restaurants where celebrities frequent are considered vulnerable spots for violent crimes. The same can be said about politicians too. Sometimes an ordinary citizen can hold a grudge against a politician for his political choices. Unfortunately, you can’t expect everyone to settle their differences in a mature way. Some of them can choose to settle these issues with name-calling and sending threatening emails but that’s not it. You can’t write off the chances of someone actually plotting to kill a politician for his differences in opinion.

But What If You Are Not A Celebrity Manager Or Politician?

Some organizations and businesses overlook the importance of installing a metal detector and taking adequate security measures. If your business or organization deals with several people on a daily basis, you will never know how many of them are not satisfied with you. It is not possible for an organization to keep all of its patrons happy. In some cases, a patron can develop a grudge against you or other member of your organization. When he decides to act on it, you are facing a threat. In most cases, you will not recognize these threats until someone walks through your door with a gun in their hand.

For example, a travel agent can invite anger and threats from a customer who believes you didn’t give him the best airfare deals. A departmental store owner can get shot from someone that thinks you are a racist. Some violent crimes are motivated by ethnical and religious differences. In most cases, the perpetrator of the attack has no personal grudge against you and the place for violence is chosen at random.

How To Make Your Organization A Safe Place For Workers And Patrons?

Taking adequate preventive measures is the best way to prevent crimes in any organization. Installing CCTV cameras that captures footage from both inside and outside of your organization is crucial. CCTV camers are known to discourage several criminals that do not want to get caught. However, CCTV cameras are not enough to offer complete protection to an organization. You can consider hiring security personnel, depending on the size of your organization.

It is important to install metal detectors in organizations regardless of the size because metal detectors alert your workers and patrons about a potential attacker walking through the door. In most cases, metal detectors can prevent a violent attack from taking place. Metal detectors can deter a criminal from plotting an attack because it gives the impression that your organization is well prepared to defend itself against any potential violence.

Is a Metal Detector Right for Your Organization? (start by asking readers to identify the type of organization; catering to the public, high-profile clientele, celebrities, high-profile staff members, politicians, etc. and analyze the level of risk associated with each. Give examples and suggestions for dealing with perceived threats. E.g.: in a political office, there will be members of the public that disagree vehemently with your position; do they pose a danger? And if so, how much?…)