The Importance Of High Quality Security Equipment

Quality should be one of the main factors when selecting any type of security equipment, no matter what the field and industry. Unfortunately, budget limitations, topped by lack of interest on behalf of management and the constant need to make cuts and save money will prevent lots of businesses from taking the proper security measures. […]

Preventing Unnecessary Deaths with Walk Through Metal Detectors

While we often hear about violence in schools, there is also violence in other areas of life. Just last year, a man who had been feuding with town officials in Pennsylvania decided to end the feud with murder. He was accused of zoning infractions and sewer regulations in a dispute lasting over 18 years. Although […]

The Benefits of Walk Through Metal Detectors in Hospitals

It seems as if everywhere you turn there is the potential for violence, and hospitals are no different. On a daily basis, hospitals see thousands of patients in offices, the emergency room, cancer treatments areas, and more. Hospitals are literally revolving doors for anyone walking in off the street. In an effort to curb violence, […]

Tips for Buying Security Metal Detectors

With government agencies emphasizing the need for more stringent security measures in airports, hotels and shopping centers, there’s no questioning the fact that you have to purchase only the best security metal detectors in the market. But since there are many options to choose from, understanding the key features of a reliable security metal detector […]

How To Keep Your Event Secure Using Metal Detectors?

Security measures must be taken at any event regardless of its size. It is your responsibility to keep your guests, VIPs and celebrity participants safe and happy throughout the event to which certain security measures must be taken. Fire and Medical Emergency Care For large events make sure that you have a doctor’s service or […]