Metal Detector Rentals

low price rentalsRent a Metal Detector Today

Why buy when you can rent a metal detector?

PTI is now offering a variety of rental options. Many individuals or businesses only need a metal detector on occasion. Renting can be much cheaper than purchasing if you only need a metal detector for a short time period. That being said, if you decide you don’t want to return your metal detector, we will apply your rental fees towards your purchase.


Rent a Walk Through Detector

If you have a special event, movie or public speech that requires security we have the setup you need. Our walk through metal detector rentals can’t be found cheaper anywhere else.
Metal Detector Rentals

Rent Security Wands

If you need security then renting a security wand is a must. These Scanners are included in the walk through  metal detector rentals but click here if all you need is a security wand.metal detector rentals for security wand


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