Preventing Unnecessary Deaths with Walk Through Metal Detectors

While we often hear about violence in schools, there is also violence in other areas of life. Just last year, a man who had been feuding with town officials in Pennsylvania decided to end the feud with murder. He was accused of zoning infractions and sewer regulations in a dispute lasting over 18 years. Although many people in the town knew this man well, and many admitted to being wary of him, no one thought he would take it so far.

In August of 2013, this man loaded a car with guns and ammunition and headed to the local town meeting. He opened fire, killing three men on the town board. It took two very brave men to take him down before he could harm or kill more people. After being arrested, he even stated he wished he could have killed more people. Ross Township, where the shooting occurred, is a smaller town with a population of just over 30,000. So even in smaller areas, there is the chance of violence.

Most towns have local meetings with officials at least once a month. The dates are almost always listed in the local newspapers in an attempt to get more people in the community involved. However, this does make town officials sitting ducks in a sense. No one knows who will show up, it’s anyone’s guess. If towns were to install walk through metal detectors in courthouses, they could easily prevent people with guns or other weapons from entering the building to begin with. They would stop the problem right in its tracks. While it seems like violence is something we only hear about happening in the bigger cities, the case of the Ross Township shooting proves it isn’t. Violence can happen anywhere at any time.

Installing walk through metal detectors is easy, as is teaching employees how to use them. They can alert employees to potential weapons being smuggled in, and also prevent people from trying to sneak something in to begin with. They are a barrier between innocent lives and those who wish to do those lives harm. In the case of the smaller town, the walk through metal detectors are easily moveable in case the town is expecting a record crowd and need to change location. While most town hall meetings are small and uneventful, there are always those issues that come up every few years where it seems everyone in the town want to have a say. When this happens, the metal detectors can be moved to a larger venue, such as an auditorium or gym. The benefits of smaller towns and cities using metal detectors are increased security, peace of mind for those at the meetings, and fewer attempts at violence.