The Rising Cost of School Violence

Just 20 years ago no one would have thought school violence could hit such an all time high. Parents never sent their children to school thinking the kids would hear gunshots down the hall or have to hide under desks or in closets until gunmen leave the area. While there have always been a few schools here and there throughout the U.S. that have had problems with violence, they were very few and far between. Things have changed. In a recent study done by The National Center for Education Statistics, a whopping 7.7% of public schools have had some type of student threat of physical attack by means of a weapon.


When you have a high percentage of threats, there are bound to be some which will come to fruition. Protecting our students gets harder and harder every day. While there very well may be continuing threats, there are some ways in which we can further help to keep the violence to a minimum. One of the best ways would be to install metal detectors in every school. Metal detectors are able to recognize guns, knives, crow bars, or any type of metal which could potentially be used as a weapon. When metal detectors have been proven to be so successful at altering security to potential problems, it only makes sense to have them installed across the U.S. in all schools.


When exploring cost of metal detectors, many people including staff and parents are concerned with where the money will come from. In many ways, this is an ironic question. The cost of other, less necessary equipment often costs several times that of a metal detector. Take for example the modern day scoreboards. These huge electronic devices can often cost more than three times that of a metal detector. And what is more important, student safety or a fancy scoreboard with all the bells and whistles?


It is time for parents of school aged students to take a stand and demand the safety of their students. With ever increasing violence amongst the children and easily accessible weapons, the need is there on an ever increasing basis. Parents should make a stand and have the schools accountable for every child. When a metal detector can protect innocent lives of young children and young adults, there is an immediate need. Since walk through metal detectors can guarantee gun free school zones, it is imperative school boards begin to look at way to begin budgeting for them and having them installed. Every child has the right to be safe at school, and installing walk through metal detectors is one of the fastest, easiest ways to make this possible for our youth.