Tips for Buying Security Metal Detectors

pl1451164-super_scanner_security_walk_through_metal_detector_for_airport_schoolsuperwand1With government agencies emphasizing the need for more stringent security measures in airports, hotels and shopping centers, there’s no questioning the fact that you have to purchase only the best security metal detectors in the market. But since there are many options to choose from, understanding the key features of a reliable security metal detector will be essential.

Portable Metal Detectors

Handheld metal detectors come in different styles, but the best ones have an ergonomic design. It would be nice if the detector has an offset hand grip so your hand doesn’t get in the way when inspecting a sensitive spot. A well made detector also won’t have sharp corners or edges that might get in the way as you pass the device over a particular area. In other words, the mechanical design has to be such that it doesn’t get in the way of folds, buckles, buttons and other articles of clothing.

While shopping for a metal detector, make sure you choose one that has uniform sensitivity for non-magnetic and magnetic targets including stainless steel. At the same time you should test the device for body compensation and be certain that it is not vulnerable to disturbances from mechanical and electromagnetic influences. This is particularly important because it might affect its accuracy.

Needless to say, the device must be 100% digital and have all the essential functions you are looking for. Only you can decide what functions are needed by your company, but at the very least it should have a magnetic field receiver/transmitter, a USB port, external communication and a digital operator interface. Well designed security metal detectors also don’t require calibration.

Other Features to Look For

Assess the control panel and ensure the switches are easy to identify, with appropriate warning lights. Besides consistent and reliable performance, the device should not be affected whether it is used indoors or outdoors. A portable detector moreover, needs to have a long battery life and should be fully rechargeable too.

These devices have different alarm indicators, but for use in airports and hotels, the signal should be either fixed or commensurate to the object that it has detected. You can also get a vibrating detector, although many devices actually have several indicators built-in.

Walk Through Metal Detectors

If you are interested in purchasing a walkthrough metal detector, your primary consideration is its detection capability. For superior detection the system has to be capable of sensing mixed alloys, magnetic and non-magnetic alloys. More importantly, it should adhere to the highest standards in terms of weapons detection. And of course, a high end detection system is useless if it takes forever to install, so ease of use is a must.

For security purposes, security metal detectors need to be equipped with technology that will allow you to determine what kind of metal is going through your establishment and if so, how many. And while metal detecting is critical you need to make sure it can discriminate between metals and personal effects. A detector that cannot distinguish between the two can cause delays and frustration, on your part as well as your customers, so test the system before deciding to buy it.