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Why Choose PTI?

We manufacture the world’s most sensitive and advanced walk-through metal detector on the market. While there are many companies that make great products, the PTI metal detectors stand out as the only walk-through detection system with full 360 degree detection. This makes the PTI system the only one available that is sensitive enough to detect the really small targets like jewelry, findings, computer chips, etc. On top of providing world class metal detection products, we are committed to the highest possible customer satisfaction. We value the relationship we develop with each of our clients. We guarantee that all questions and problems will be addressed in a prompt, professional and personal manner. Take a moment to look over our existing client reviews. If you want the best product backed by the best service, take a look at PTI.

Protecting your business is our business.

We are pleased to be able to offer the world’s most advanced and most comprehensive metal detection systems. We also offer in depth, specialized consulting to help manage your security and loss prevention needs. Please take a moment to review this site and contact us to find out how PTI’s metal detection technology will give you a high return on your precious metal investment! We look forward to hearing from you!

Metal Detection and Loss Prevention Leader

Protective Technologies International has been manufacturing the world’s most sensitive metal detection systems for 45 years. Our state of the art technology is being utilized by today’s leading mining, refining and jewelry companies to detect and prevent the loss of their precious metal inventory. Our walk through metal detector systems are unparalleled in efficiency and effectiveness. In the rapidly changing world of technology, PTI has maintained its position as the leader for maximum sensitivity in the precious metal industry. If you are serious about loss prevention, contact PTI for the best possible solution.