252 Iphone 5’s stolen from O2 store

Last night an employee from the O2 store in U.K took off with nearly $240,000 worth of iphone’s. Excited customers waiting for the new iphone 5 are obviously frustrated from waiting all night in line to only find out the new phones are all stolen.

Police say a man by the name of “Sethi of Illford” is likely responsable for the crime and they are still in the process of tracking him down. Sethi is 23 years old and is assumed he took the products around 1:30 am.

Based on further reports it is said an odd number of cash is also missing from the register.

On the bright side 02 has all the IEM numbers for the iphones so before a short period of time none of the stolen phones will be useful. Just shows thieves aren’t all to bright are they?