A Little Info About the PTI Walk Through Metal Detector

stop employee theft
If you work for a jewelry manufacturer and have to have to pass through their newest and latest “walk through “metal detector; take heed. Today’s top of the market brands sport some new software which gives them the ability to do more.

If you pass through the new PTI metal detector  (private employment use only) it will scan your personal I.D. employment card and display a history of your last pass through experiences.

These hybrid machines are more sophisticated than their predecessors and give a much higher level of security to staff users. They have been updated to do scans much faster, and to be more efficient.

They have higher levels of frequency detection; allowing them a full 360% scan of your entire body. If you think you have something that you are trying to get away with passing through it undetected – forget about it – get rid of it. It will be detected.

With so much unrest throughout the world in the times which we are living in more and more violent acts of personal injury have happened in different workplaces such as, knifings, shootings, bombings and other terror related acts. It is no wonder for these work places to demand that safety be first.

So if you work in a place which use these newer machines; be forewarned, you will not be able to get away with trying to “slip” something through.

As times have gotten tougher, so have the machines that help to stop dangerous objects from getting into areas where there are a lot of people. (Even private employment)  It was of a necessity that these new detectors get updated.

Having more and more people carrying instruments or items that could be used as weapons, it was needful that new technology be introduced; to stop them from getting through where they might have been used to commit acts of aggression against others.

There are certain private businesses which require a higher level of security, so the “new machines” are better at providing the kind of information that does insure that type of security.

Some of these large corporations have already installed these devices, as they are perfect for what they need them to do. The upgrade of having software that allows for some types of record keeping was an element they needed included.

The machines provide the company with a time stamp of every employee who walks through. This may not seem like a lot to those who are not corporations, but it is.

Having the ability to know who is there, when they got there (As well as whether there were any problems going through the walk through) plays an important part in helping these type of businesses employ grade A level security.