A Look at Security Metal Detectors and How They Enhance Security at Businesses & Events

urlNews of violence in public places is becoming more and more common. It seems like every day another shooting or terrorist attack hits the news. People keep debating on what to do in order to prevent things like this from happening. The gun debate issue is tedious and endless.

Unfortunately, portable metal detectors seem to be overlooked. Today’s security devices can detect any item that can be used as a weapon. Sure, we all moan whenever we have to wait in line at the airport, courthouse, o r other public place. It’s especially annoying whenever it goes off over something simple as a nail file or set of keys. Sometimes even a pocket full of change sets them off!

As annoying as they can be, they are life savers. Literally. There have probably been instances when somebody with a weapon and ill-intent thought twice after seeing a metal detector up ahead. While a lot of good, innocent people do like to carry pocket knives around, there still might be that one bad apple who plans to use one for violence.

A security system just has to save one life in order to be worth the investment. You never know, an “annoying” walkthrough detector could have saved your life once. For all I know, it could have saved mine. If children aren’t even safe at schools anymore, what makes you or I think that we’ll be safe anywhere we go?

Handheld metal detectors and walkthrough detectors are both easy to implement and effective. It may seem  like a lot of time and effort is required to set up a walkthrough system, but that isn’t the case at all. These days, security systems can be setup in minutes. They work just as well as larger systems. Some models even run on batteries.

If you’re in charge of a business or event, you can enhance security with the use of one of these portable metal detectors. They are programmed to automatically determine the height of the individual and scan them from head to toe.

If the event is being held outdoors, you will find that some detectors are built to withstand the elements. It’s important that you choose one with rechargeable batteries. A good battery life for a walkthrough detector is around 40 hours per charge.

Modern security metal detectors, particularly walkthrough models, feature preset security parameters. You can use the default parameters or have them configured. They can handle up to 200 levels of sensitivity.

There are so many models to choose from by a variety of manufacturers. The price varies as well, depending on how advanced the system is. The more advanced walkthrough detectors feature multi-dimensional scanning. They offer precise detection of any type of weapon, including handguns, knives, razors, and so forth.

 Handheld models are good to have as well. It’s a good idea to have a few of these in addition to through walkthrough system. People will want the process to go as quickly and smoothly as possible. It’s possible to enhance security without forcing people to wait in long lines.

If any of the devices go off, have that individual to step aside so that he or she can be identified. Make sure that person isn’t a thread before allowing him or her to go through. Sure, some people might get angry over this, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Another benefit of having metal detectors and security devices is that your organization won’t have to spend as much money on security guards. The investment of a security system is a far more affordable solution than hiring security personnel. It also makes people feel less awkward to simply walk through a machine or by a handheld device rather than be inspected by a guard.

After everything is said and done, security metal detectors are great to have. As much as we moan and groan about having to stand in line and go through them, the country is a safer place with them. They will protect you, and everybody else involved with your organization or event.