Are Security Metal Detectors Safe?

Fisher M-scope metal detectorSecurity metal detector companies ensure their products are safe for adults, children, and even unborn children still in the womb. There is currently no information indicating otherwise. These units are also safe for people who have a variety of metal implants, or who may be carrying any type of magnetic strips (such as those found on credit cards) or any type of recording media. Security metal detector manufacturers constantly communicate with other agencies to share the latest information to make sure this doesn’t change. Some of these agencies include the U.S. FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and also Healthy Canada. All of the electromagnetic fields that are used with security metal detectors are closely related to similar products which people encounter on a daily basis, further proving their safety. The electromagnetic fields used in metal detectors meet International and U.S. standards when it comes to electromagnetic emissions.


Alternative Security

 There are doctors with patients who may request alternative security measures be taken, in the form of something without electromagnetic fields. This may be due in part manufacturers who suggest some type of specific procedures be followed. In the case of keeping things running smoothly, it may be easier for a security guard to do a pat down or other form of security measure to alleviate the concerns of an individual. Many of these medical devices come with specific informational books or small, portable cards describing the concerns of the manufacturer, in case a security guard or other personnel is concerned. Knowing this may come up can help to alleviate any issues to begin with.


Understanding Individual Preferences

It is important to train security guards in this area to increase their understanding of when this issue may come up. Taking a few minutes to individually check a person who is concerned with walking through a security metal detector may temporarily slow down a line, but will be worth it to ease an individual’s concerns. Overall, there are many ways   in which a line might slow down, but taking the time to individually check one person should not detract from the overall flow significantly.