Body Temperature Scanners

Our Zortemp 1000 Body Temperature Scanner Kiosk is the most efficient option to protect your facility from covid infections. Watch the video below to see how easy it is for everyone to use the Zortemp 1000 at entry, regardless of age or ability.

Zortemp 1000 Kiosk

#1 Infrared Temperature Scanner

Use these infrared scanners to help stop the spread of sickness and viruses. Quickly scan people to help decide if they are running a fever.

Zorpro offers three different infrared body temperature scanner options to meet the needs of any building, store, school, or facility. The CDC recommends that any buildings or facilities with in-person operations should screen for symptoms and fever upon entry. Our body temperature scanners meet the demand for an affordable but effective temperature screening tool.

Zortemp 1000 Infrared Reader

Zorpro 6T Temperature and Metal Detector Package

Zortemp TC Thermal Camera Door Mount System

Zorpro Thermal Temp & Metal Detector

Zortemp 600 Infrared Reader

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All of our body temperature scanners offer features for safe operation and social distancing.

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Our Most Popular Model: Zortemp 1000

Features and Info:

No-contact for social distancing

Our temperature screening infrared scanners are designed to be used in a no-contact covid screening station. Even our handheld scanners can detect surface body temperature accurately within 0.5 degrees Fahrenheit from five to six inches away. Our Zortemp 1000 temperature scanner kiosk offers a wider radius of accuracy, and the metal detector option contains the same technology but with additional features.

No staff required

With our thermal temperature scanner you don't need staff to operate and check temperatures. If you opt for the Zortemp 1000 body temperature scanner kiosk or the Zorpro 33T metal detector with body temperature scanner and the associated software, there is no need to staff your screening station.
This minimizes your essential workers’ contact with those who might be carriers of the coronavirus. With the integration of our software package, directional signage, instructions for self-screening of symptoms, and general awareness of procedures, there is no need to maintain staff at entryways.

Hand Sanitizer Built In

Help keep your employees and visitors safe with the automatic dispenser included with every thermal temperature scanner. It is generally recommended that you sanitize your hands as often as possible, but it is especially true that you should sanitize your hands upon entry or exit of a building. This is just good practice to protect both yourself and others. With handsanitizer built into the kiosk, you can encourage those entering your facility to start out on the right foot with sanitized hands, mask, social distancing, and a passed temperature screening.

Simple Setup and Install

Setup and installing these scanners is simply plug and play. Takes less than 5 min to start using the stand-alone system. Simply decide where you want to place the body temperature scanner kiosk, install the appropriate blackbody as recommended, plug it in, and put it to work. It is a good idea to include some signage or instructions for those entering if you do not have staff at the screening station.
If you opt to use the software integration on the Zortemp 1000, it only takes a few more minutes to install and set up the software. Multiple entries can be equipped with their own temperature scanner kiosks, and the whole of the building can be integrated into one software monitoring platform and alerting system.
Of course, more complex setups with multiple entries and temperature scanner kiosks do take longer to install and integrate with the software, but the steps are still very explanatory and easy to follow. And, as always, we are here to help when needed.

Integrating Software for Monitoring Body Temperature Readings

If you have a large building or facility that could use several kiosk scanners at various entrances, you can easily integrate them all into one comprehensive program and alert system. Although each product must hold a separate software license, our unique programming allows you to set your own standards as to what temperature will be pass or fail. 

From there, you can set up when the system will send alerts that a person has failed a temperature check whom you have designated beforehand. From there you can have procedures in place for your staff to follow up and ensure that the risk is handled appropriately.

If you start to notice that a lot of your employees are falling out sick, you can track through the software reports which entrances are giving the highest readings with the most frequency. This can help you identify specific shifts, departments, or even teams that are experiencing an outbreak so that anyone in the group still working can be quarantined before it spreads outside the area.

Our infrared body temperature scanner technology is accurate and effective

We use infrared technology and thermal imaging technology depending on the product you use. Both methods have pros on cons. Thermal imaging is faster with larger audiences while infrared is usually more consistent on accuracy. 

Accuracy that meets FDA standards for body temperature screening during the pandemic

To use our infrared body temperature scanner kiosks, you simply need to put your wrist or forehead within 5 inches of the scanner beam and it will quickly read your temperature within 0.5 degrees fahrenheit or 0.3 degrees celsius. 

The CDC warns that the most accurate temperature screening using thermal surface temperature detection should be done via the forehead, and our wrist-level sensor is meant for those who may be approaching from a shorter height.

Implementing the Zortemp 1000 to mitigate the spread of Covid-19

Using the Zortemp 1000 helps manage crowds and lessen long lines that help spread the virus. Now you don’t have to have people stand in front of staff holding a temperature device. Not only will this save you money by not requiring staffing hours for your temperature screening station, you can also save money by eliminating lost time of employees coming into contact with viral carriers entering the building. Remember that implementation of a body temperature scanning kiosk is not a guarantee that the virus will not enter your building or facility. All who enter should also be screened for symptoms using self-assessment. It is helpful to post such self-screening questions prominently near your temperature scanner kiosk to increase compliance. You must also take other precautions, such as social distancing, mask mandates, and frequent disinfection and sanitization measures.

Some of our most attractive features are those condemned by our competition.

Some of the features and advantages that we offer with our products and related software are preferred by facility managers, even as our competitors condemn those same features. If you want to know that you are getting an accurate no-fuss temperature reading for everyone who enters your building, these features will make it easiest to integrate

Camera-free Infrared Detection

Our thermal scanners are every bit as effective and accurate as thermal imaging from infrared cameras, but without the privacy concerns. Government agencies, especially those set out to protect the public, are very wary of camera-based thermal imaging at entryways throughout the nation. The Zortemp 1000, along with our other body temperature scanners, eliminate these privacy concerns by forgoing the use of a camera entirely.

More Inclusive Use

Because our infrared thermal body temperature scanner kiosks do not use a camera, there is no face detection required for an accurate temperature reading. That means that the kiosk is easier for everyone to use, regardless of height, age, or ability. You will be able to screen a much wider variety of people easily without calling attention to any one individual, which is ideal for privacy.

Anonymous Reporting of Temperature Readings

There are a lot of privacy concerns when it comes to health information, and that includes temperature screenings at entry points, regardless of the type or purpose of the building. There are many temperature screening systems that are designed to collect data in order to trace infection when it arises. But this opens up the door to violating HIPAA privacy laws, and it often isn’t worth the risk.

Instead, our software offers completely anonymous temperature screening reporting, while still being effective in pinpointing hotbeds for covid infections. You will be notified of pass and fall events, and you will be able to track particular shifts or departments that are showing more signs of infection than others. This allows you to identify and address trends to limit infection of the rest of the organization, while still maintaining privacy by failing to collect identifying information.

Businesses, agencies, and institutions are boosting their covid prevention efforts with strategic placement of our Zortemp body temperature scanning products

Zortemp 600

Wall Mount or Desk Stand Temperature Reader

Easy To Scan Wrist Or Forehead

Put your forehead or wrist within 5 inches and it will read your body temperature. Accuracy up to 0.5 fahrenheit.


Very easy to carry around or replace. Portable to any location or event.

USB Power

Low power consumption allows this thermal temperature scanner device to be used in many applications.

The Zortemp 600 is a wall mount or desk stand temperature reader. Entrants can easily scan their wrist or forehead by placing them within 5 inches and it will read their body temperature within accuracy of up to 0.5 fahrenheit. The Zortemp 600 is a great option for quickly instituting temperature scanning, especially at a rarely used entrance. For example, if your building has experienced a significant decrease in outside traffic, you could use one of these smaller temperature scanners at your guest entrance. Because it is small and easily mounted, it is a simple matter to locate it in an effective position socially distanced from any front desk personnel. This infrared temperature scanner is also lightweight, making it very easy to carry around or replace. It can be portable to any location or event, so if you tend to rent your office or meeting space as needed this can be a great asset to protecting yourself and your team. Since this temperature scanning device is so small, it is able to run on USB Power. Low power consumption allows this thermal temperature scanner device to be used in many applications, with the ability to charge on the go.