Body Temperature Scanners

Zortemp 1000 Kiosk

#1 Infrared Temperature Scanner

Body Temperature Kiosk Scanner - Zortemp 1000

Use these infrared scanners to help stop the spread of sickness and viruses. Quickly scan people to help decide if they are running a fever. 

Zortemp 1000 Infrared Reader

Zortemp 600 Infrared Reader

Zorpro 6T Temperature and Metal Detector Package

No Contact Readings

Use your wrist or forehead to scan your body temperature in 1 second. ADA model available!

No staff required

With our thermal temperature scanner you don't need staff to operate and check temperatures.

Hand Sanitizer Built In

Help keep your employees and visitors safe with the automatic dispenser included with every thermal temperature scanner.

Simple Setup and Install

Setup and installing these scanners is simply plug and play. Takes less than 5 min to start using.

The technology we use for our thermal temperature scanners is infrared technology and not actually thermal imaging as some call it. To use you simply need to put your wrist or forehead within 5 inches of the scanner beam and it will quickly read your temperature within 0.5 degrees fahrenheit or 0.3 degrees celsius. 

Using the Zortemp 1000 helps manage crowds and lessen long lines that help spread the virus. Now you don’t have to have people stand in front of staff holding a temperature device. This will also lead to big savings because now you don’t have to employee unnecessary staff.   

Already used by MANY businesses and Gov Entities!

Zortemp 600

Wall Mount or Desk Stand Temperature Reader

Easy To Scan Wrist Or Forehead

Put your forehead or wrist within 5 inches and it will read your body temperature. Accuracy up to 0.5 fahrenheit.


Very easy to carry around or replace. Portable to any location or event.

USB Power

Low power consumption allows this thermal temperature scanner device to be used in many applications.