Can Your Organization Benefit From A Metal Detector?

School_Of_Business_Building_VCUWhat kind or organizations get the most benefit from installing a metal detector?

Installing metal detectors calls for a high upfront investment so the question; “Is it really important for my organization?” comes in. What kind of organizations can benefit the most from a metal detector?

If you are an agent for various celebrities, chances are that a stalker of one of your clients might have chosen your office as a venue for a future crime. Celebrity offices, celebrity agents and restaurants where celebrities frequent are considered vulnerable spots for violent crimes. The same can be said about politicians too. Sometimes an ordinary citizen can hold a grudge against a politician for his political choices. Unfortunately, you can’t expect everyone to settle their differences in a mature way. Some of them can choose to settle these issues with name-calling and sending threatening emails but that’s not it. You can’t write off the chances of someone actually plotting to kill a politician for his differences in opinion.

But What If You Are Not A Celebrity Manager Or Politician?

Some organizations and businesses overlook the importance of installing a metal detector and taking adequate security measures. If your business or organization deals with several people on a daily basis, you will never know how many of them are not satisfied with you. It is not possible for an organization to keep all of its patrons happy. In some cases, a patron can develop a grudge against you or other member of your organization. When he decides to act on it, you are facing a threat. In most cases, you will not recognize these threats until someone walks through your door with a gun in their hand.

For example, a travel agent can invite anger and threats from a customer who believes you didn’t give him the best airfare deals. A departmental store owner can get shot from someone that thinks you are a racist. Some violent crimes are motivated by ethnical and religious differences. In most cases, the perpetrator of the attack has no personal grudge against you and the place for violence is chosen at random.

How To Make Your Organization A Safe Place For Workers And Patrons?

Taking adequate preventive measures is the best way to prevent crimes in any organization. Installing CCTV cameras that captures footage from both inside and outside of your organization is crucial. CCTV camers are known to discourage several criminals that do not want to get caught. However, CCTV cameras are not enough to offer complete protection to an organization. You can consider hiring security personnel, depending on the size of your organization.

It is important to install metal detectors in organizations regardless of the size because metal detectors alert your workers and patrons about a potential attacker walking through the door. In most cases, metal detectors can prevent a violent attack from taking place. Metal detectors can deter a criminal from plotting an attack because it gives the impression that your organization is well prepared to defend itself against any potential violence.

Is a Metal Detector Right for Your Organization? (start by asking readers to identify the type of organization; catering to the public, high-profile clientele, celebrities, high-profile staff members, politicians, etc. and analyze the level of risk associated with each. Give examples and suggestions for dealing with perceived threats. E.g.: in a political office, there will be members of the public that disagree vehemently with your position; do they pose a danger? And if so, how much?…)