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When School and County Officials Suggest Metal Detectors for Schools

While metal detectors can help reduce the presence of weapons on school campuses, the measure alone may not be enough to prevent all weapons from entering school grounds.  There are school districts and county officials across the United States seeking ways to include metal detectors into their budgets.  Yet, school law enforcement officials know there […]

More Schools Are Making Use of Walk Through Metal Detectors

Some people dislike this fact and call it an “intrusion” of privacy. Even if it seems as such to some, what is more important? That your child attend school unharmed, or not? The responsible thing to do is to make sure that all children are kept safe. Safe from handguns, knives, or any other type […]

Top Security; Walk Through Metal Detectors Save Lives

Beep Beep, may be sometimes annoying to those who have overlooked coins, keys, or other items left in their pockets as they pass through metal detectors, but when you consider the overall job they do in helping security staff members stay safe, you may be glad they have such measures installed. The typical walk through […]

Even the Best Top-End Walk Through Metal Detectors Require Trained Staff to Operate; Yet Who May Put a Price On Saving A Childs Life?

Even the best,  higher priced (walk through) model metal detectors still need properly trained staff to operate them for them to do their job effectively. To deter students from bringing dangerous weapons such as guns or knives into schools, the best machines cannot do the entire job by themselves. In recent years there seems to […]