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Interesting History of Metal Detectors

The History of Metal Detectors Metal Detectors have a very unique past as they have evolved over the years as an important piece of history.  Earlier versions of what we know today that includes modern technology were first developed back in the late 1800s.  At this time, a crude metal detector was made quickly in […]

Benefits Of Using Hand Held Metal Detector Wands

Hand held metal detectors were basically made to be less intuitive, more cost effective, and more convenient way of checking individuals at clubs, courtrooms, sporting events, schools, airports and other facilities. It is vital that a good level of precautionary measure should be taken considering that most places are security sensitive these days. Apart from […]

The Benefits of Covert Protective Surveillance

Many businesses are often subject to theft, and without the correct security measures, these crimes can go undetected at the detriment of the business. Some people have personally been victims of attack or abuse, so surveillance is an added measure that allows a person to go about their daily life more normally, without living in […]

Basic Metal Detector History

At the end of the past 19th century, a lot of scientists and engineers used their increasing knowledge concerning electrical theory in attempts to devise a special machine which could pinpoint metal. The real use of such devices was aimed at finding ore bearing rocks which would give very huge advantages to any miner. One […]