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Safety In Hotels With The Garrett PD 6500i Metal Detector

Hotels are prime locations for tourists, businessmen conducting their businesses abroad, and families and friends out on a vacation looking for a place to stay. Hotels, while a bit more expensive than staying in motels and rental houses, are more luxurious and the service it offers is well worth the money spent. Hotels also offer […]

Can Your Organization Benefit From A Metal Detector?

What kind or organizations get the most benefit from installing a metal detector? Installing metal detectors calls for a high upfront investment so the question; “Is it really important for my organization?” comes in. What kind of organizations can benefit the most from a metal detector? If you are an agent for various celebrities, chances […]

Security measures for your next event

Installing a metal detector is definitely a smart thing to do; it will save you the trouble and relieve you of anxiety. However, you do not always have to buy a metal detector- there is always the option of renting one. For facilities such as night clubs, courtrooms, police stations, schools, prisons, airports, etc- permanent […]

Is a Metal Detector Right for Your Organization?

Before deciding to purchase a metal detector, and choosing a certain type, you should take several things into consideration. This is a delicate, serious investment and should not be done rashly. Do you really need a metal detector for your business? Most definitely. If you are running any business linked to high clientele circulation, the […]

Are Metal Detectors Worth The Investment?

The average security detector costs between $3,000 – $4,500. You might think this is a large sum of money (which it is) but to be honest your biggest expense is going to be the security guard that manages the system every single time it is used. That being said, when it comes to saving lives […]

Metal Detectors – They Are Expensive But Should You Compromise On Your Safety?

Metal detectors are becoming increasingly popular across the country but unfortunately, several US schools are still a soft target for potential criminals and psychopaths because in many US states, metal detector installation in schools are not mandated by the law. Some financial institutions such as banks and jewellery showrooms have metal detectors installed because of […]

3 Tips For A Speedy Trip Through A Metal Detector

Security is getting tighter all over the world and as a result you may be running into more metal detectors than ever. Federal buildings, schools and airports are the most common places to experience metal detectors and their counter-part; long lines! In order to ensure a speedy trip through the metal detector so you can […]

Walk Through Metal Detectors – A Small Price to Pay for Safety

Today the standard walk through style metal detector is an ideal tool to help the school’s security – be able to provide a safe place for children. The last thing school security should have to be concerned about are the items that kids could bring onto the campus. They may now have a way to […]

Training Security Guards to Use Standard Walk Through Metal Detectors

Training your staff and security guards to use your standard type of walk through metal detectors is not a hard thing to do. They have to understand and know how to set the parameters of the sensitivity levels to avoid getting too many false alarms. This type of training can easily be done within a […]