coin masterSmart Notch: You choose… detect or ignore them. Just push a pad and nails, foil, and tabs are in or out. The “Smart” system notches each zone based on your discrimination setting. You’ll wonder how you ever did without Smart Notch!

Tone I.D.: 3 distinctly different audio tones instantly cue you to the target’s desirability. LOW signals nails and iron. MEDIUM is rings and jewelry. HIGH indicates coins.

Depth Reading as you hunt: Once you’ve detected a good target, the screen shows you how deep to dig. No extra steps, it’s automatically on the screen! Target I.D. Display shows I.D. of target as you hunt. Hear and see targets!

5-Range Discrimination: Adjusts so you pick what you want to see and hear. Hear and see it all, or just the good stuff.

Adjustable Sensitivity: Maximizes detection depth in varying grounds.

PinPoint/All-Metal Mode: Makes locating your target a snap. Just push the pad!

Rugged, water resistant control box: Total metal detector weight just 2.5 pounds, too.

Low Battery Alert: Powered by two 9-volt batteries.

Battery Life: 20+ hours battery life.

Adjustable arm cup and lower rod positions: Fits most children – adults.

9-inch waterproof spider search coil: Makes searching underwater by beaches and lake shores a cinch.