Discrimination and Operating Costs of Your Metal Detector

cost effective security metal detectorDiscrimination is the term used to describe how a security metal detector will differentiate from a small, harmless metal object to a weapon or something the size of a firearm. The ability for a metal detector to discriminate between two such things is important for several reasons. It will cut down on time needed to further inspect a person who may have set the alarm off on a metal detector. It will also help to keep lines of people going through the detector running smoothly. When this happens, people are less likely to become irritated or frustrated. When the discrimination of a security metal detector is working properly, it also helps to keep the workload down for security personnel, resulting in happier employees.


Higher Discrimination Equals Lower Cost

 When a security metal detector works properly and efficiently, there is no need for an additional unit to keep things running smoothly. There are also less security guards needed to process people coming into or going out of the building. This results in lower employment costs. There is also the issue of how much room a unit takes up. One unit can fit in many smaller areas, but when you need to operate two or more units it takes up more space; space that could be used for an office or other function.

Choosing the Right Unit for Your Building

 If you’re looking into setting up a security metal detector for your business, it may be wise to determine if one quality unit will do the job better than two lesser models. The better quality metal detector you choose, the less  you may end up spending on other things such as additional security personnel. While it may cost more up front, it can easily pay off in less than a month if you were to need to hire additional employees.

The Financial Rewards of a Security Metal Detector

If the metal detector is being used to prevent theft loss, the cost of the detector can be paid for by just catching one potential thief. The cost of purchasing a unit can also pay off by avoiding any potential crimes that would be committed if the unit hadn’t been in place. Knowing why your business needs a metal detector can help to determine which one is right for your situation.