Gold dust metal detector

The XVS 10mi walk through metal detector was designed to detect ultra small amounts of metal on a moving person. Even though we can’t officially claim we can detect gold dust, we have existing clients that have been able to do this without any doubt. The fact is, even if we can’t detect gold dust very often we can occasionally. This just shows how sensitive our metal detector really is. Another advantage to our XVS system is the advanced report software. If a security guard just so happens to overlook the gold dust on an individual, the reports will keep track of what happend so you can view the history.


Ring Metal Detector

Another common thing the the XVS metal detector is used for is detecting metal rings. Jewelry manufactures all over the world have big problems with employees steeling gold, platinum and titanium rings. There are only a few metal detectors in the world that are sensitive enough to detect targets small as rings and the XVS is hands down the most sensitive.

Titanium Metal Detector

As I’m sure you already know titanium is one of the most expensive metals on the market. And that’s exactly why we created our walk through titanium metal detector. We can see all types of metals all the way through the body and extremely small object. Perfect for jewelry manufactures, gold mines, refineries and other manufactures of small metal objects.