How a Garrett PD 6500i Can Help Increase Your Safety

garrett6500i1.jpgWalk-through security detectors are a dime-a-dozen these days employed by diverse organizations such as airports, malls, cinemas, and offices. But there are only a select few that stand out for their stellar features and all-round competencies. The reference is to the PD 6500i walk-through metal detector brought out by Garret, renowned manufacturers of quality security detectors, of which the PD 6500i is a preeminent example.

The ensuing discussion will elucidate its top-notch security features:
1. The PD 6500i is externally made of a high-grade laminated material bearing enhanced scratch- and harm-resistant properties; its internal detection units are composed of extra tough aluminum. Also, the device harnesses first-rate, energy-efficient switches to execute its operational and alarm functions.

2. The unit operates automatically and consequently no re-wiring, cable-substitution, or inner modifications are entailed. Besides, the PD 6500i flaunts 2300 functioning frequencies to facilitate working alongside other detector units, not necessarily belonging to Garrett.

3. The solid construction is perfectly complemented by a stringent key lock mechanism with two-tiered access coding. The inherent expensive components are further protected by an all-embracing cabinet lock.

4. The PD 6500i has special pacing lights on its exterior complete with “wait” and “proceed” illuminations as required by the international traffic management community. These make the unit look pleasing as well.

5. The PD 6500i possesses an elevated mechanism comprising 33 isolation areas. These areas help the detector home in on numerous locations all over the human body accurately and effectively. The device is also equipped with a four-mode maneuvering counter that includes detection options for onward, rear, subtract in reverse, and multi-directional motions.

6. This new-age metal detector sports intensive broadband recognition knowhow that accords excellent location abilities, increased throughput, and sharper overall detection that includes recognition of iron and non-iron arms and ammunition.

This heightened level of detection is also achieved due to a novel bicameral framework that utilizes both transmitters and receivers in each individual segment. This one-of-a-kind arrangement ensures terrific detection capabilities as well as enhanced performance and adaptability.

7. The PD 6500i is armed with 21 security programs that can be customized according to one’s preferences and requirements. These personalization choices have been primed for use in educational institutions, travel organizations, penitentiaries, seminars, and at events. These inbuilt programs allow for a more universal applicability.

8. This advanced metal walk-through detector also possesses supreme network attributes pertaining to core connectivity, remote sensing, enhanced vigil, data evaluation, and group administration. The networking abilities are bolstered by the unit’s potent anti-disturbance technology that resists noisome x-ray, radio, and electronic signals.

9. A handy “Random Alarm” functionality is also on board that enables the device to intuitively alert a specified number of people. The alarms include tone and volume options and comprise good quality LED signals as well.

10. The device conforms to all recognized safety norms including IP55 moisture and matte-protection benchmarks pertaining to air and wind erosion. The PD 6500i also adheres to the strict criteria formulated by leading global establishments like Transportation Security Administration (TSA), European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC), and Department for Transport (DfT).

The above features would surely have demonstrated the Garrett PD 6500i’s security “mettle!”
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