How Long Does it Take to walk through a Metal Detector

Metal detectors are now an essential security device that should be available at all public and private places. With increasing terrorist activities, it is important to have a metal detector at every entrance. There are people who are still not very enthusiastic about metal detectors because they have some reservations.

But they cannot deny the fact that detectors in office buildings, airports, government offices and agencies, schools and prisons help in protecting lives of many by ensuring that no weapon is brought within the premises. There are different types of metal detectors used for different purposes. Walk through metal detectors can be divided into two broad categories:

  • Singe zone detection
  • Multiple zone detection

The difference between the two is that if a person enters through a multiple zone detector with a conceal weapon, the weapon will be located easily along with the location of the weapon. However with a single zone detector the weapon is located but the detector is not able to identify the location of the weapon.

Walking through a metal detector can be very quick or it can take time. The reason is simple. If many people are trying to enter the same place at the same time, they have to stand on a line till their turn comes. Events and airport security can be a bit time consuming. There are many people who are in line to walk through the detector. But a good metal detector allows you to pass through within seconds without wasting any time.

To reduce the time to pass through even more, it is important that an efficient system is developed around the system. You can place a tray next to the detector and ask people to put their personal items in the tray before they pass through.

Once the person walks through the metal detector and is cleared then the items of the tray can be handed over to them. Or if the organization is very tight on security, they can place the items in a secure safe box or something of that sort and hand back the items once the person is ready to leave.

Some systems have various features that you may or may not need. It is very important that you buy the right system for your organization. A detector that is placed outside a football stadium shall have a different security design as compared to a detector placed in an airport or a school.