Automatic Temperature Scanners – Best Automated Kiosk

Zortemp 1000 Body Temperature Scanner Click here Zortemp 600 Infrared Temperature Reader Click here Zorpro 6T Temperature Walk Through Detector Click here With vaccines being rolled out throughout the nation, we are all hopeful that the pandemic may be nearing an end. But even as we start to see light peeking at the end of […]

Top Thermal Temperature Scanners – Fever Detection Camera

Our Recommended Products for Temperature Scanning Zortemp 1000 Body Temperature Scanner Click here Zortemp 600 Infrared Temperature Reader Click here Zorpro 6T Temperature Walk Through Detector Click here   Thermal temperature scanners’ market share is likely to grow at a substantial rate of 4.8% (CAGR) at least for the next seven years — temperature readers […]

Safety In Hotels With The Garrett PD 6500i Metal Detector

Hotels are prime locations for tourists, businessmen conducting their businesses abroad, and families and friends out on a vacation looking for a place to stay. Hotels, while a bit more expensive than staying in motels and rental houses, are more luxurious and the service it offers is well worth the money spent. Hotels also offer […]

When School and County Officials Suggest Metal Detectors for Schools

While metal detectors can help reduce the presence of weapons on school campuses, the measure alone may not be enough to prevent all weapons from entering school grounds.  There are school districts and county officials across the United States seeking ways to include metal detectors into their budgets.  Yet, school law enforcement officials know there […]

Can Your Organization Benefit From A Metal Detector?

What kind or organizations get the most benefit from installing a metal detector? Installing metal detectors calls for a high upfront investment so the question; “Is it really important for my organization?” comes in. What kind of organizations can benefit the most from a metal detector? If you are an agent for various celebrities, chances […]

Security measures for your next event

Installing a metal detector is definitely a smart thing to do; it will save you the trouble and relieve you of anxiety. However, you do not always have to buy a metal detector- there is always the option of renting one. For facilities such as night clubs, courtrooms, police stations, schools, prisons, airports, etc- permanent […]

Is a Metal Detector Right for Your Organization?

Before deciding to purchase a metal detector, and choosing a certain type, you should take several things into consideration. This is a delicate, serious investment and should not be done rashly. Do you really need a metal detector for your business? Most definitely. If you are running any business linked to high clientele circulation, the […]

Are Metal Detectors Worth The Investment?

The average security detector costs between $3,000 – $4,500. You might think this is a large sum of money (which it is) but to be honest your biggest expense is going to be the security guard that manages the system every single time it is used. That being said, when it comes to saving lives […]

Metal Detectors – They Are Expensive But Should You Compromise On Your Safety?

Metal detectors are becoming increasingly popular across the country but unfortunately, several US schools are still a soft target for potential criminals and psychopaths because in many US states, metal detector installation in schools are not mandated by the law. Some financial institutions such as banks and jewellery showrooms have metal detectors installed because of […]