Are Metal Detectors a Health Risk?

Security metal detectors are becoming a more prominent technology in our society as mass shootings, terrorist threats, and general violence increases. While most people don’t mind security metal detectors, there is concern about the possible negative health affects from the radiation that the devices emits. If you didn’t know, security metal detectors emit a non-ionizing […]

Pros and Cons of Metal Detectors in Schools Reexamined

The subject of having metal detectors in schools continues to be a sensitive topic for educators, parents, politicians and government bodies across the United States and around the world.  While school campuses continue to see an increase in violent behavior and shooting incidents, school districts are forced to take on additional priorities when it comes […]

Understanding How Walk-Through Metal Detectors Work

Walk-through metal detectors have come a long way as far as their history and design.  They play a huge role in maintaining safety and reducing violence.  A number of public places around the world invest in such equipment for good reason.  With the help of trained personnel and monitored usage, they help detect dangerous objects […]

How Metal Detectors Evolved Over the Years

Metal detectors have come a long way as they have been made with different materials to help improve their effectiveness.  Many people like the aspect of using them to find valuable items such as gold or buried treasure.  But, the magnetic fields associated with how they are used to detect dangerous materials are unique.  A […]

Where Are Security Metal Detectors Typically Used?

Various companies use metal detectors as a form of safety and protection.  They help detect illegal contents and make people to think twice before entering an airport or building with a dangerous  item.  While their use has controversial issues and concerns, they have become an important player in how we maintain public safety. There are […]

Tips to Get Through a Metal Detector Without it Alarming

Places such as airports and courthouses use different types of metal detectors with variations in sensitivity.  Meaning, you likely need to be more careful in what you wear and carry with you in hopes of going through a security check point quickly.  Sometimes places you visit  have specific instructions on what you should take off […]

Is It Reasonable to Use Metal Detectors in Schools?

For the past years, people have debated the issue of having metal detectors in schools. Some are absolutely okay with the idea while others think it is absolutely stupid to put security systems inside school premises. So, the question still remains: Should schools use these metal detectors  to protect their students? I don’t know in […]

Common Metals That Set Off Security Systems

Going through metal detectors can be an unnerving experience for some. Even though we recognize it as being necessary, the anxiety remains. Whether you are getting ready to take a flight, or attending a concert, it is important to be prepared.   Everybody knows that dangerous items, such as guns, knives, and other weapons will […]

Should School Districts or the School Itself Pay for Security Metal Detectors?

Metal detectors have played an important role in maintaining school security.  But, when it comes to covering the cost of what many consider a lifesaving investment, who should cover the cost?  Remember, there will be ongoing costs in maintaining such security aside from the initial investment of purchasing a metal detector.  The opinion on this […]

Interesting History of Metal Detectors

The History of Metal Detectors Metal Detectors have a very unique past as they have evolved over the years as an important piece of history.  Earlier versions of what we know today that includes modern technology were first developed back in the late 1800s.  At this time, a crude metal detector was made quickly in […]