Metal Detectors Security Facts

With security becoming an ever increasing concern in our society, many people wonder if walking through a metal detector is really safe. The quick answer is yes. Metal detectors don’t work the same as X-ray machines which might scan baggage or even your bones at the doctor’s office. Metal detectors work by using low frequency […]

Are Security Metal Detectors Safe?

Security metal detector companies ensure their products are safe for adults, children, and even unborn children still in the womb. There is currently no information indicating otherwise. These units are also safe for people who have a variety of metal implants, or who may be carrying any type of magnetic strips (such as those found […]

Some Metal Detectors Can Actually Detect Paper Money

Security metal detectors have been used successfully for years to detect even the smallest amount of metal. They are able to detect things as small as a safety pin to large firearms. Although they are designed to detect certain items, some single-zone units function in a way that the entire metal contents on a person […]

How to Test and Compare Two Security Metal Detectors

Discrimination is the word used to represent how security metal detectors read the difference between little metal objects, such as a bobby pin, to large metal objects such as a weapon. It can be important to determine how each metal detector is working because if one unit is having a higher percentage of alarms, it […]

Multiple Small Targets can Trigger A Security Metal Detector

When using a single-zone metal detector for security purposes, it’s important to remember that small signals can add up to cause a false alarm. Security metal detectors can have the ability to read the smallest of metal signals coming from a variety of items such as: keys, belt buckles, coins, cell phones, metallic fabric used […]

Benefits Of Using Hand Held Metal Detector Wands

Hand held metal detectors were basically made to be less intuitive, more cost effective, and more convenient way of checking individuals at clubs, courtrooms, sporting events, schools, airports and other facilities. It is vital that a good level of precautionary measure should be taken considering that most places are security sensitive these days. Apart from […]

Reasons Why Your Metal Detector May be Malfunctioning

 While all metal detectors will have false alarms at one time or another, there are ways to prevent it from happening often. Many times interference of the unit can come from a variety of sources, such as voltage spikes from AC power sources or even some types of electromagnetic waves which are airborne. Although these […]

Training Security Guards to Operate Metal Detectors

Teaching a security guard to operate a standard weapons detector is relatively easy. The units are not complicated to use, so teaching security guards the basics takes a very short amount of time. Once the metal detector has been set, it is important to teach all users about the operating parameters. There can be areas […]

What Your Business Can Accomplish with a Security Metal Detector

Many businesses could use the help of metal detectors to screen for weapons entering the building or to screen for merchandise illegally leaving the building. While many companies suggest any metal detector will suffice for either reason, this is not really the case. Depending on what purpose your business is most likely to need the […]