Metal Detector Myths Debunked

People can be very confusing. Either they are confused or they confuse people with their theories. This does not mean that no one on this planet has a clear idea. Many of us do know exactly what we require but some of us are confused. These confusions arise usually because of myths.

There are myths about almost everything that is linked with humans. One such thing is the security metal detectors that are used so commonly. Here is a list of myths that are related to security metal detectors and the truth behind each is given.

Myth: Metal Detectors are not safe.

Truth: Metal detectors that use electromagnetic waves or the backscatter technology have been tested NIST (National Institute for Standards and Technology, the Applied Physics Laboratory at John Hopkins University and also the FDA. All of these institutes have agreed and drawn the same conclusion: the amount of radiation used is very less and it is safe. Pregnant women, old, sick and all types of people can pass through the detectors without any harm at all.

Myth: Not all metals are detectable.

Truth: Metals can be detected depending on the frequency that a particular metal detector is using. Higher frequency metal detectors are used at places with high threats to    like airports and government buildings. This is why you are asked to empty your pockets before you pass through the detector. You do not want to be part of an unnecessary interrogation. If you have some metal placed in your body, it would be best to carry a doctor’s note with you.

Myth: Everybody has to go through a metal detector.

Truth: Mostly yes everyone does have to go through the metal detector but if you get uncomfortable with machines and are a bit eccentric, it is possible that you not go through the metal detector. You will however have to go through a physical pat-down and there is no way of getting out it.

Myth: Metal Detectors can see everything.

Truth: Metal detectors are metal detectors. Even the Backscatter technology cannot see everything. The only thing metal detectors are used for is simple: They detect metal so that different weapons and other such things can be removed and people can fly and move around freely.

Myth: Metal Detectors are not correct always.

Truth: It is almost impossible for a metal detector to allow you through one time with that big buckle on your belt and stop you the next time. The electromagnetic waves are passing to and from the side panels of the walkthrough detector continuously, there is no chance that a working metal detector will let you pass through that easily.