Metal Detectors for Airports


Garrett PD 6500i

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Provide a safe gateway to your facilities with the Garrett PD 6500i 33-detection zone walk-through metal detector, which guarantees advanced multi-scanning from the ground up. Cutting edge broadband digital signal processing allows for immediate, accurate detection of weapons without interference or false alarms. The PD 6500i is specifically compliant with international airport standards, offering the superior discrimination a high security environment needs to run smoothly.

Garrett PD 6500i Walk-Through Metal Detector with 33 Detection Zones and Advanced Broadband Technology Features:



  • Fast, sensitive weapons detection
  • Multi-dimensional scanning
  • 33 precise detection zones
  • Advanced broadband technology
  • Enhanced discrimination capabilities
  • 21 preset ECAC and TSA compliant programs
  • Custom programming for industry specific security
  • Rapid response and higher throughput
  • Convenient signal lights direct traffic
  • Random alarm enables additional security checks
  • Internal counter records alarm statistics
  • Self-diagnostic system monitors performance
  • Dual level access codes for authorization
  • Key switch for additional security
  • Cabinet lock protects wires and controls
  • Provide IP55 weatherproof protection
  • Suppresses nearby interference


Reliable Airport Security

Airports are at the heart of international relations, enabling the passage of overwhelming numbers of travelers who rely on facility authorities to provide a calm, secure environment. Without sufficient safeguards in place, the large scale demands and consistently heavy traffic of most airport facilities opens the door to harmful security breaches that endanger passengers and undermine confidence in security professionals at the site. Progressive security checkpoints offer multiple opportunities to locate and seize harmful objects before the passenger in question boards an aircraft, where the chances of detecting restricted items significantly decreases.


Garrett 33-Zone Detection Technology

Provide a safe gateway for global transport with the Garret PD 6500i Walk-Through Metal Detector, a precision unit designed to offer airports the most thorough detection capabilities in existence. This dynamic piece of equipment utilizes 33 highly sensitive detection zones, scanning targets independently from the left and right sides to offer precise coverage at every level from floor to archway. Broadband technology lays the foundation for advanced discrimination sensors that effortlessly differentiate between hazardous weapons and harmless objects. The Garret PD 6500i is fully equipped with preset and customizable detection programs distinctly refined to fulfill international requirements for airport security units.


Consistently superior performance is supported by internal diagnostics and tamper prevention features that maintain the best calibration settings for your environment and reject unauthorized access. Security lapses are a foreign concept when you install the PD 6500i, which can pick up on slight objects, including knives and small guns. Rapid data analysis moves traffic along swiftly, while the system’s effective interference suppression features make it compatible with a variety of walk-through detector brands. Security applications for this versatile metal detector are vast, and it has served successfully in high profile events like the Olympics and Super Bowl.


Garrett PD 6500i Metal Detector Features:


  • Fast, sensitive detection of small metals and weapons
  • Multi-dimensional scanning in 33 precise detection zones
  • Left and right panels independently analyze targets
  • Advanced broadband technology offers enhanced discrimination
  • 21 preset programs satisfy ECAC and TSA standards for airports
  • Customizable programming for industry specific security
  • Rapid response efficiently regulates traffic flow
  • Convenient stop and go signal lights direct traffic
  • Random alarm enables additional layers of security
  • Internal counter tracks alarm and visitor statistics
  • Self-diagnostic system automatically monitors performance
  • Dual level access codes and key switch for authorization
  • Cabinet lock protects wires and controls from tampering
  • Weatherproof against moisture and foreign matter
  • Suppresses interference for versatile multi-unit setup