Metal Detectors – They Are Expensive But Should You Compromise On Your Safety?

airport-Detector_68_595941aMetal detectors are becoming increasingly popular across the country but unfortunately, several US schools are still a soft target for potential criminals and psychopaths because in many US states, metal detector installation in schools are not mandated by the law. Some financial institutions such as banks and jewellery showrooms have metal detectors installed because of the increased threats from burglars.

What seems unfortunate about the organizational attitude towards metal detectors is that a lot of them still take metal detectors lightly, some of them going as far as stating out-rightly that they are expensive investments and there are better ways to spend an organization’s funds. While it is true that metal detectors are expensive, the advantages they bring to an organization are too many.

We are not as safe as we think

In December 2011, Forbes Magazine ranked Aurora City of Colorado among the ‘Safest 10 Cities in the USA,’ just 7 months before the fatal shooting took place at the Aurora Town Center during the premier of Dark Knight. It was an unfortunate incident where a lone gunman took the lives of 12 innocent victims and injuring over 50 people.

It is painfully obvious that many shooters make their way through shopping malls, cinemas and schools with a bunch of weapons and hurt innocent people without raising anyone’s eyebrows because we humans are optimistic by nature. We like to think we are safe and close our eyes against any hints that tell us otherwise. Sometimes learning a lesson from your mistake can cost you your life or leave you a bad reputation that you can never correct.

There are several violent crimes that take place in our nation which could have been avoided with some additional care. Internet has crossed boundaries between cultures, but this is not a good thing always. Perpetrators of wars and violent crimes have added exposure to our society and personal lives than ever before. Everything from Google Maps to GPS navigation systems are used to plan terror plots and non-motivated individual attacks.

Precaution Is Better Than Cure – Metal Detectors Can Save You

The recent airport shooting at LAX is a startling reminder to us about the vulnerability of high security areas. Had the police not been acting quick, the damage the shootout caused would have been beyond control. Installing metal detectors may sound like an expensive affair and potential wast of money in a city with a good safety record. But remember, we are not as safe as we think. In most cases, violent shootouts are triggered by disturbed individuals, but a lot of them do not show any external signs, leaving their friends and family unsuspected.

Authorities can’t lock up every individual with personal problems assuming that he could turn out to be a shooting maniac if the opportunity is provided. The best way to keep schools and organizations safe is installing metal detectors so that a potential criminal is restricted access to the school or organizational premises with violent weapons.


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