Models to consider when buying a walk through metal detector

M-ScopeStandingThere are two different categories of walk through metal detectors. One category is able to provide single zone detection while from the other side there are models that provide multi zone detection. Which one you will choose will depend on your needs and your budget. However, there is no doubt that multi zone detection walk-through metal detectors are much better and more efficient than the single zone detectors.

One of the best models of multi zone detection detectors is the Garrett MT 5500 which is able to detect objects on its right and left side. Let’s take a look at one simple example. If a person carries a gun walks through the metal detector, both of the mentioned models will detect the object, but the difference is that the multi zone detector will actually help identify the location of the target, this makes checkpoints speed up significantly.

In many situations, detection of the metallic object on the right place can ease the job of the security personnel that will be able to respond swiftly. In public places such as malls or airports, multi zone detection metal detectors are highly recommended.

Some of the most popular models of single zone detectors are Garret Magnascanner CS 5000 and MS 3500. The most popular models of multi zone detectors are Garrett Magnascanner MT 5500, Garrett PD6500i or Fisher M Scope Portable detector.

Let’s take for example the Garrett PD6500i which allows a throughput of around 60 persons per minute. This is the example of an ideal metal detector for rapid scanning of a large number of people that pass in public areas such as airports or shopping centers. The mentioned multi zone detector has a 33 zone target pinpointing system. This way, the security personnel will easily see where the potential dangerous object might be hiding.

Some of the common places where walk through archways are being used nowadays are airports, prisons and other types of correctional facilities, concerts, arenas, sports events, courthouses, nuclear facilities, warehouses, malls, and similar.

Before deciding which metal detector to buy and which manufacturer to choose, it is very important that you choose the best configuration. What does this mean? First of all, you should decide whether you need a detector that will be portable or one  that can be moved from location to location. Modern walk through metal detectors are easily set up and it is also very easy to operate them. No matter which model you choose, you will get it with a detailed manual. In any case, metal detectors, when bought, come with an already factory preset program, but you can later adjust it based on your personal needs.

Most of the manufacturers that sell walk through metal detectors also offer wand metal detectors that are considered to be a very important accessory for walk though detectors. Walk through detectors are a general screen device which once they identifies a metallic object that some individual is trying to get through it will precisely pinpoint it. With the help of wand detectors, the potentially dangerous object can be located very fast.

In the end, investing too much money into a  metal detectors is really not necessary. When you take into consideration the amount of money that you will spend each year on the security personnel, investing between $3000 and $4000 is really sufficient. However, before making any purchase, don’t forget to consult online offers and read reviews of previous users as only that way you will get an idea of which  detector will make the best to satisfy your needs for security in any public or private area.