More Schools Are Making Use of Walk Through Metal Detectors

Some people dislike this fact and call it an “intrusion” of privacy. Even if it seems as such to some, what is more important? That your child attend school unharmed, or not?

The responsible thing to do is to make sure that all children are kept safe. Safe from handguns, knives, or any other type of object, which could be classified as a weapon.

Consider the classic walk through style metal detector used for schools. It can be used to alarm authorities, safety personnel, administrators and other school staff that an item has been detected that would put others at risk of injury.

Sure there are cases where no malice was intended by the person bringing in the contraband (They simply forgot they had it on them) but not every case is the same.

Is it not better to stop such offensive devices from entering school property, before they may do harm unto others? Of course it is. You would not want your child to be exposed to such an item.

Too many children have been actually killed at school (Where a firearm was present) to not have put in place devices that are capable of detecting such dangerous weapons.

Keeping such out of schools is the number one job of safety administrators, and to do so they have to install metal detecting machines – end of story.

You do not want to be contacted by school officials, or police who tell you that your kid has suffered a stab wound, a gunshot, or any other type of weapon injury. Your first question would probably be…how could this have happened? To stop such things from happening at schools, many have started adopting the use of detection devices. Where they have implemented the use of such machines, this type of violence (Such as shootings, and stabbings) have curbed.

It is not rocket science. Stop guns from getting past the front doors at campus – and stop gun violence, before it has a chance to happen. No parent should have to hear of their child being injured at school. Yet many schools have not yet brought in the devices.

Why you may ask. Well, there is some cost involved to which, some smaller budget schools cannot seem to afford the machines, (Or the safety staff needed to operate them.)

However, today’s unrest through-out the world has spread and spilled over into even pre-teen adolescence. Therefore, more and more schools are beginning to install and make use of the standard walk through metal detectors.

When something has to be done to ensure the safety of children on their campus, this often becomes their first line of defense. They are very effective at finding metal objects that could constitute as a weapon, and help officials stop them from getting into classrooms.

It may seem extreme to some that their kids have to be “scanned” for weapons before entering school rooms, but their kids are no different from any others. They need protection themselves.

They need to know that they can be made safe at school. They can be. There should be some kind of legislation written (Providing detection devices to schools) that brings the cost down on these devices to where more schools may afford them. (Or lets the government buy them)

It would allow many more school grounds and kids to be made safe.