Multiple Small Targets can Trigger A Security Metal Detector

pl1003923-vo_2400_high_adjustable_sensitivity_and_24_zones_digital_security_door_frame_metal_detector_gate_doorWhen using a single-zone metal detector for security purposes, it’s important to remember that small signals can add up to cause a false alarm. Security metal detectors can have the ability to read the smallest of metal signals coming from a variety of items such as: keys, belt buckles, coins, cell phones, metallic fabric used in clothing and footwear, and metal on eye glasses. Some metal detectors can even detect very small amounts of metal such as the small foil tab that is located on the top of most cigarette packs. However, if any of these items go through the system together, they will most likely set off a false alarm.


This happens because the metal detector will register these separate signals which are located in different areas and integrate them. This can produce a cumulative concentration of metal which ends up triggering the metal detector. This cumulative signal is produced from harmless objects but can also be increased by electromagnetic or electrical interference. When the cumulative signal reaches a certain amplitude, it can reach the threshold value of the alarm, resulting in it being triggered.


If this is a concern for your business, it’s important to realize that a multi-zone metal detector can lesson the chances of this happening. If you have a single-zone metal detector it is important that all security guards stationed at the metal detector are aware of this.


What Your Security Guard Should Know


Security guards should be trained to understand this can happen, and they should ask all people passing through to remove any and all metal objects from their person or their pockets.


Security guards should also be able to explain to individuals before going through the detector that the slightest metallic object can set of the metal detector. The more comfortable the security guard is with explaining this, the smoother the line will flow through the security metal detector, saving time for both customers or employees and the security staff as well. Understanding the security metal detector at your business is key to maintaining the flow of people coming into and going out of the building.