Effective loss prevention doesn’t have to cost a lot.  PTI’s Random Fail System makes it easy to monitor doorways, hallways and even wide open spaces.  Take advantage of the benefits offered by our Random Fail System.

Help stop the spread of germs and quite  worrying about discriminating against your employee’s. You can’t go wrong with the Random Fail System.

  • Simple Setup: Set them up anywhere you want to monitor employee traffic. Simply set the switches to the desired failure rate – you’re done.
  • Simple operation: Just walk past the sensors, the system does the rest. Failures are indicated by an audio alarm and red LEDs. Passes are indicated by green LEDs only.
  • Quick and Efficient: Employees can walk at any speed, improving exit operations immensely. Search only those employees who alarm.
  • No Discrimination: The automated system ensures that security personnel search only those who alarm. This protects employees and security personnel from frivolous or discriminatory searches.
  • Double Fail: Select the ‘Double Fail’ option to provide more stringent search options or to activate employee incentive programs. Double Fail illuminates both red and green LEDs and pulses the audio alarm
  • Cost Effective: Low cost makes it affordable for multiple locations
  • Health, Safety and Convenience: No more selecting pegs or marbles, rolling dice or pushing any buttons, etc. Keep employees safe by eliminating fears of passing or contracting germs.

This Random Fail unit can be used with two panels as you seen on the left, but can also  run with only one panel and a reflector. Most prefer the two panel option for convenient  setup in any location.

Price for single panel-$999

Price for double panels-1,299