Precious Metal Detectors

precious metal detectors

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At Protective Technologies International (PTI) we offer three basic types of the latest, state of the art precious metal detectors to help protect your place of business or find precious metals hidden deep underground. The precious metal detectors we offer are created to provide long lasting, highly reliable service that will meet your needs.

Underground Metal Detector

Finding precious metals by walking along beaches, next to roadways or out in the country can be an exciting hobby, especially when you find valuable coins, artifacts and precious metals that may be worth thousands of dollars. We provide these hand held metal detectors made from two of the finest companies in the business, Garrett Hobby Detectors and White’s Electronics.

These metal detectors are solid, durable and light enough to be carried for hours of exploring. The easy to read counter comes with a full electronics package to help you decipher what precious metals you have run across that may be close to the surface or several feet underground. We want you to get the most out of this wonderful hobby with these fabulous precious metal detectors.

Walk Through Metal Detector

Protecting your place of business means detecting threats as soon as possible. We provide walk through precious metal detectors that are easy to set up, run and maintain so anyone carrying precious metals can be detected as they try to leave your place of business. You can effectively stop the theft of metals from your place of work by installing one of our jewelry walk through metal detectors to catch customers and employees from stealing your precious metals such as jewelry and other items.

Thanks to advancements in computer software, the walk through metal detector operates efficiently through eliminating outside sources such as radio interference, motors, induction furnaces and other devices that can interfere with the operation of the detector. Quiet, effective and tuned to detect the size and consistency of metal that matches your inventory, you can rest assured that our precious metal detectors will greatly reduce the theft that takes place. In fact, the presence of one of our detectors can help detract would-be thieves from attempting the crime in the first place.

Hand Wand

To help back up the work of our archway metal detectors, we offer the AMR-11 hand wand precious metal detector that can narrow down the location of where precious metals may be kept on the body. With eleven different settings, you can fine tune the hand wand to find specific types of metals according to size and substance. This means that even if the wand is used by several employees, they can still use the same settings for detection.

The AMR-11 is the perfect precious metal detectors in assisting your staff to locate and distinguish metals that may be stolen items or weapons from those that may be pins or plates within a human body. The easy, intuitive controls mean you can learn how to operate the ARM-11 quickly and have years of effective service from this surprisingly durable and effective metal detector hand wand.