Preventing Precious Metal Theft

Companies that work with precious metals today are faced with a number of considerations on how to become and remain profitable.  With the record prices of precious metals today, it seems like that would be a simple task, but there are many drains on the bottom line that require attention if a company is to remain viable.


One of the primary considerations should be how to address the potential losses due to theft.  Preventing employee theft can be tough going, but choosing the right equipment for the job can certainly make the job a lot easier.

So how can one go about finding the right equipment?  To answer that question we may need to pose a few more questions first.

  1. Do you have a problem with employee precious metal theft?
  2. If so, how can you prevent employee theft?
  3. And finally, can you stop employee theft altogether?


In answer to the first question, if you are working with precious metals, and you have employees, you have a problem with employee precious metal theft.  Human nature is such that we will always look for ways to gain advantages, improve our situations and of course, make more money.  So the first thing a company must recognize and come to grips with is that they will face the very real possibility of employee precious metal theft.


The second question of how to prevent employee theft becomes a bit more difficult to answer, because there are so many ways to proceed.  There are some basic security items that need to be in place regardless of the size of your company.  You need hand held and walk through metal detectors, security cameras and inventory controls, and personnel trained in proper security and handling of high value assets.  Search for companies that specialize in all of these venues and then make the most informed decisions you can, and you’ll find that it is actually possible to prevent employee theft.


So is there a way to actually stop employee theft altogether?  Unfortunately, the answer to that is “no”.  To run a successful business, we must rely on people. And it turns out that people can be unreliable and unpredictable.  But not all hope is lost, because people are also capable of performing the impossible.  We are passionate, capable, innovative and incredibly intelligent, which means that we have the ability to stop employee theft, when we all take seriously the task in front of us.

As it turns out, we can answer all the questions effectively.  Employee precious metal theft is a problem.  There are ways to prevent employee theft, and we can at least try to stop employee theft by choosing the right equipment for the job, hiring the right people, and training your personnel how to properly handle precious metal assets.

While the task of preventing precious metal theft is daunting, there is indeed a silver lining in the precious metal industry – and ironically, it’s the one component of the situation that can be unreliable and unpredictable –  the people.  People committed to bringing something new to the market, something beneficial to others, and sometimes just a little something that shines as bright as gold.

Stopping employees from stealing precious metals such as gold silver and platinum is one of the many reasons we created the XVS 1omi walk through metal detector. Preventing employee theft is becoming more and more of a problem in todays economy.