X-Ray Generator
Voltage: 180kV, Operating at 165kV

Processor: Intel® Core i7 2.93 GHz 8MB cache
Memory: 4 GB RAM at 1333 MHz
Platform: Windows® 7
Backup: Uninterrupted Power Supply (Full System Operation- 3 min)

Display Type: Dual 22” LCD Color Monitors (Jitter Free)

See below for more details on the 6545VI.


Astrophysics 6545VI

Primarily designed for scanning mail and small parcels, the 6545VI X-Ray Inspection System is one of the most reliable and affordable options you can have from Astrophysics, Inc.

It measures 217.2 x 95.2 x 131 cm (85.5 x 37 x 51.5 inches) and has a tunnel size measurement of 65.1 x 45.4 cm (25.6 x 18 inches). It is powered by an 180kV generator with a three-minute uninterrupted power supply.

The details of scanned objects can be clearly seen on the jitter-free dual 22-inch LCD monitors that can be mounted on a mobile stand. The 6545VI is powered by the same technology that drives the other x-ray machines by Astrophysics, an ISO 9001-certified manufacturer.

The 6545VI is powered by an Intel Core i7 2.93 GHz processor and runs with Windows 10, so it can be easily operated by even those who have basic experience with computers. The interface itself is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive.

This x-ray machine is ideal for mail rooms, government offices, but it can also be used to screen small bags in buildings like shopping malls, museums, and other places that frequently receives small to medium items. It is qualified by the Transportation Security Administration