Adams HF-1 Glove

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The new HF-1 detector gloves offers the only hand-worn, glove style metal detector with the added protection of Kevlar.  This gives the wearer the added protection from infected hypodermic needles, knife and razorblade wounds, during pat-down procedures, but still retain the ability to search and detect for concealed weapons or contraband with the aid of a powerful metal detector. The HF-1 alerts the user to the presence of metal by means of a vibration against the operator’s wrist.  The HF-1 detector gloves are rugged and very durable, lightweight and comfortable to wear, and simple to use.  There are not adjustments necessary.  Just turn them on and start searching.  There are no visible wires.  Everything is self contained, including the 9V battery that powers the detector circuitry.  The HF-1 is available in either Passive Active (one glove has an active detector, the other glove does not), or Dual Active (both gloves have active detectors in them).

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