Garrett AT Pro

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The AT Pro is an advanced hobby detector, full of features that will make your treasure hunting successful, and is a good metal detector for all targets. The AT Pro comes with 40 settings to help narrow your search. It also comes with GTA features, Target depth, Target ID, and is great for all terrain, even up to 10 feet under water.

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$699.99 $594.95

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An all-terrain metal detector, built for enhancing your searches. The Garret AT Pro is more than a tool for your average treasure hunt; it’s a weapon for your hunting. This detector is capable of handling a variety of environments, from wet, humid nights to hot and dusty days, and is made with the highest quality technology to ensure the perfect experience when using it. The Garret AT Pro is the perfect metal detector for hunting down  anything, coins, jewelry, or anything else you need.  If you have to submerge the metal detector in water, or take it out for a day in the sand, you can rest assured that all of your hunts, treasure or otherwise, will go amazingly with this brilliant instrument.


1) Waterproof up to ten feet (3 meters)

2) Identify a target’s conductivity

3) Ability to set multiple levels of iron discrimination so you can separate your targets from garbage

4) Created to be used in a variety of terrains, from wet to dusty

5) Numeral scale so you can tell one target’s conductivity, allowing you to distinguish your target from others

6) An all metal mode so you can find exactly where your target is hidden in the ground

7) A simple interface makes it easy to adjust sensitivity, power on, reset, and handle your metal detector

8) LCD touchscreen makes it easy to see your settings and how your search is going


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Ace 150 Accessories

Stainless Steel Trowel


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Submersible Headphones


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8.5″ x 11″ DD Coil Cover


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