Zortemp 500 – Body Temperature Thermal Scanner


The Zortemp 500 by Zorpro Inc – Body infrared temperature reader.

Note: This does not tell if someone has coronavirus but will help determine if someone has a fever and needs further attention. Please see our medical disclaimer for any concerns or questions.

If a fever is detected a red light will flash along with an alarm. If no fever is detected a green light will display.

  • Accuracy up to 0.5 Degrees (all alarms should be checked with a 2nd device)
  • Scanning time takes less than 1 second
  • Use on your hand or forehead
  • easily mount to wall or put on a table

Download Zortemp 500 Specs

*Estimated lead time is 4 Weeks (we are manufacturing fast as possible… sooner you order the sooner you’ll get it)