Garrett Ace 150 Graphic Target ID

$179.95 $149.15

Whether you are satisfying the curiosity of your child or the child inside you—the Ace 150 is great for beginners. This user friendly metal detector will satiate the appetites of explorers of all ages. Don’t be fooled, though, the Ace 150 will be there with you even as you grow more experienced. The Ace 150 is sturdy, reliable, and comes with many features usually neglected by entry level products. Checkout our other metal detectors 

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$179.95 $149.15

Promise of Many Unique Experiences

This metal detector is highly customizable including an adjustable arm cuff so parent and child can takes turns during their expeditions. It even comes packed with technology to pinpoint your search to rare coins, jewelry, or all metal objects. Are you a special coin collector? No problem. With the Ace 150, you can target which types of coins you’d like to find.  You can also focus your detector on specific metals whether iron, gold or silver. You can also decide the depth of your search from 2”, 4” and beyond 6” (depending on how much shoveling you feel like doing). An adjustable sensitivity means that you can tell to your metal detector to pass on the skimpy things in favor of larger masses of hidden treasure. With many other starter detectors you are likely to spend numerous hours shoveling out pennies when you could be covering more ground in search of rare artifacts. A unique tone ID signals when your quarry matches your custom specifications.


Modern LCD Screen

The Ace 150 has quite the sophisticated look for its price. Its large LCD screen has an easy-to-navigate menu. A battery indicator informs you when you are running low on energy. Easy pushbutton controls allow you to operate the metal detector while swinging it from your arm.


Affordable Option Full of Quality

The Garrett brand is an industry leader when it comes to personal metal detectors. Their entry level Ace 150 model provides good performance and reliability for reasonable cost. This model may not enjoy all the advanced features of its larger sisters, but it has the performance, ease-of-use, and customization that form the heart of all Garrett products. The Garrett Ace 150 is the ideal metal detector for parent-child expeditions or for adults interested in exploring a potential hobby that will keep them satisfied for years to come.


Key Features:

  • Accurate & Easy to Use Starter Detector
  • Push Button Controls with One-Touch operation
  • Light Weight – only 1.2 kg (2.7 lbs.)
  • Three (3) Search Discrimination Patterns: All Metal (zero), Jewelry, & Coins
  • Continuous Coin Depth Indicator to determine target depth
  • Built-in Audio Tone Identification (3 levels)
  • Simple Notch Discrimination
  • Graphic Target Identification Legend (5 IDs) with large LCD screen
  • Adjustable Sensitivity and Depth Settings (4 levels)
  • 6.5 x 9″ Proformance™ Double-D submersible searchcoil included
  • Quarter-inch (1/4″) Size Headphone Jack
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • Three (3) Piece Travel/Storage Design able to disassemble to 24″
  • Adjustable Arm Cuff
  • Interchangeable ACE series coils available