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$799.25 $679.94

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The Garrett AT gold metal detector is one-of-a-kind. Using a superior coil made to detect gold up to ten feet under water, this metal detector surpasses all others. Built with user-friendly features, the Garrett AT gold detector appeals to people of all skill levels. The metal detector is made to withstand any weather you may find yourself in, and is useful in finding very small items such as jewelry. Discerning the quality of the metal is made possible with the Iron Audio feature.  Making your job easier is the job of this unique tool. The two different Ground Balance features work together to resolve problems encountered with the uneven ground and mineralization.

  • ALL-METAL MODE This TRUE All-metal mode feature allows you to find the deepest, smallest gold targets that are unusually hard to find with any other metal detector.
  • GRAPHIC TARGET ANALYZING Allows you to see the conductivity of the target and differentiation of the targets outline.
  • ALL TERRAIN Ultimately designed to uphold any type of weather conditions. Hurricane or Sahara desert you can count on this detector working for your environment.
  • DIGITAL TARGET ID The AT gold has a built in digitizer that shows you the conductivity of the target on a scale 0-100 which helps discern targets from one another.
  • HIGH-RESOLUTION IRON DISCRIMINATION This garrett machine has a iron scale that reads up to 40 points. This gives you the capability to discern from metal that might be of little value so you don’t waist your time digging for junk.
  • ADJUSTABLE THRESHOLD This feature gives you the ability to adjust volume to constantly give you audible sounds to hear targets.
  • IRON AUDIO Ever get tired of finding those garbage metals that only a 2 yr old thinks is valuable? This option allows you to hear the quality of the iron with a quick scan over.
  • ALL-METAL IRON AUDIO This audio feature allows you to here iron objects even when you are operation in the “true all-metal mode”.
  • GROUND BALANCE (MANUAL) Ground balance has seemed to cause so many problems in the past. This manual option helps minimize and eliminate  ground mineralization.
  • GROUND BALANCE WINDOW This AT gold feature allows a user to optimize the ground balance to help eliminate problems with uneven ground.


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