Garrett ATX

$2,495.00 $2,120.76

The Garrett ATX is the newest system that Garrett has provided. This system can go up to 10 feet under water, and is recommend for salty areas as well. The Garrett ATX is good for multiple terrain. Powerful features.

$2,495.00 $2,120.76

The ATX comes with: Shoulder Sling 12 inch DD coil Batteries Battery Charger Headphones ATX case Extremly High Sensitivity All Terrain Use



ATX Accessories

Shaft Nut Spanner Wrench

$35.95 $33.95

AT Gold Accessories

Headphone Adapter 1/4in


AT Pro Accessories

Submersible Headphones


Ace 150 Accessories

Pro Pointer

$149.95 $134.85