Garrett GTAx 550 Metal Detector


Garrett GTAX 550 – Excellent mid-range detector with everything you need.

With One Touch Operation, the GTAX 550 offers everything you need to enjoy your time afield.  From Microprocessor Controlled Operating System, to Surface Mount Technology and the LCD Graphic Target Analyzer, the GTAX 550 does the job with simplicity.   The Two Fully Adjustable Operating Modes and a  24 Notch Discrimination LCD Cursor, make it simple to choose which targets you want to dig.  Visual Target ID Accept/Reject and Non-Motion Automatic Pinpointing Coin Depth Reading 8″ give you all the target information you need.  The GTAX 550 uses the renowned Crossfire II Searchcoil and includes 8 AA Batteries to power the unit. – Included Stereo Headphone Jack Free Instructional Video Operating weight: 3 lb., 4oz.

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