Garrett GTI 2500 Deep Seeking Mode

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The Garrett GTI 2500 offers True Imaging features that help you accurately identify the target size and depth.  The deep seeking GTI 2500 is the perfect blend of leading technology and simplicity.


Search Modes

·          Non-motion: Deepseeking All Metal Mode with Visual Target ID and Target Imaging for superior detection

·           Motion: Coins, Jewelry, Relics, Zero, Custom Discrimination modes with Visual Target ID and Target Imaging

·           (Pinpoint): Non-motion detection for precise target locating with visual Target Imaging.  Know before you dig.

$1,097.95 $989.07


·          All Metal Deepseeking Mode – for finding those hard to reach targets

·           Audio Threshold, Adjustable – taylor the audio threshold for your specific needs

·           Coin Alert Belltone Audio – finding coins has never been easier

·           Digital Signal Processor (DSP) – technology meets simple application

·           Discrimination: GTA Accept-Reject Notch – simple, yet comprehensive discrimination controls

·           FastTrack Ground Balance (All Metal Mode) – keeps your system stable over changing ground conditions

·           Frequency, Adjustable – adjust the frequency to fit your particular environment

·           Graphic Target Analyzer (GTA), Target ID Cursor – easily identify the targets before you dig

·           Graphic Target Imaging (GTI), True Target Size and Depth -more target information means better identification

·           Ground Balance, Manually Adjustable – fine tune the ground balance to your needs

·           Ground Balance, Automatic Ground Tracking – let the system do the work for you.

·           Headphone Jack – great audio performance in a variety of settings

·           Hip Mount Battery Pack – distributing the weight allows for longer hours in the field

·           Last Mode Switching – return to your recent settings quickly

·           Last Target Recall – re-examine the earlier detected target

·           LCD Backlit, Shows Target ID and Settings – easy to read information day and night

·           Microprocessor Controlled – total automated and manual control of your detector

·           Pinpointing, with True Size and Depth Measurement – find, identify and dig targets faster than ever before

·           PowerMaster Circuitry – Simple power controls

·           Salt Elimination Mode – find treasure even in “tricky” soils

·           ScanTrack – precise and instantaneous target detection

·           Sensitivity / Depth Adjustment – simple controls to maximize your searches

·           Speaker – easy to hear tones, even in loud environments

·           Surface Elimination, Adjustable – get rid of unwanted “false” detections

·           Touchpad Controls with One-Touch Operation – simple and effective



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