Garrett MS 3500 All Weather Metal Detector

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Garrett Magnascanner MS 3500 All Weather Walk-Through Metal Detector with Damage Resistance and Self-Diagnostics



Strength. Stability. Sensitivity. The Garret Magnascanner MS 3500 has all of the essential qualities for optimal performance in extreme conditions. The unit is aluminum armor-plated and reinforced with tamper-proof screws for maximum security in hectic environments such as prisons, public buildings and schools. Microprocessor circuitry, multi-dimensional detection and uniform top to bottom coverage make this MS 3500 the ideal metal detector for screening weapons and other questionable metals.


  • Heavy duty armored aluminum
  • Sensitive microprocessor technology
  • Multi-dimensional scanning pinpoints targets
  • Uniform detection and accurate target evaluation
  • Multiple coil design reduces hot spots
  • 3 levels of ankle boost sensitivity
  • 20 standard preset detection programs
  • Self-diagnostic system reports issues on LCD display
  • Dual alarm and bar graph display
  • Weatherproof overhead deck protects wiring
  • Solid construction and tamper-proof screws
  • User-friendly LCD interface for simple, precise operation
  • Backlit display is easy to view in any conditions
  • Built-in noise and interference cancellation
  • Internal counter logs traffic and access attempts
  • Quick, convenient 3-piece assembly


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