Garrett Paragon 66 Zone Walk Through Detector


Paragon™ Walk-Through Metal Detector: A Refined Security Solution

Elevated Security Standards

The Garrett Paragon epitomizes the evolution of metal detection technology, blending the finest aspects of its predecessors with groundbreaking features for setup and operation. It’s not just a detector; it’s a comprehensive security solution that’s connectable, adaptable, and dependable.

Setting New Benchmarks

Paragon redefines high-security detection with its advanced features and superior detection capabilities. It’s designed to identify both ferrous and non-ferrous metals with unprecedented precision, offering numerous program options, enhanced sensitivity, and robust interference immunity.

Versatile Deployment

Whether it’s a stadium, courthouse, theme park, or school, the Paragon adapts to various environments. Its adjustable settings and mobility ensure that your security system remains effective, even in the face of unexpected changes or high-profile visitors.

Innovative Features for Enhanced Detection

  • Ambiscan™ Technology: A unique feature that allows setting two different sensitivities based on traffic direction, effectively doubling the detector’s efficiency.
  • Bilateral Detection: This exclusive feature ensures uniform detection across the walkthrough portal, enhancing the detector’s ability to identify and distinguish objects accurately.
  • 66 Zone Precision: With 66 distinct zones, the Paragon offers left/center/right identification across 22 horizontal bands, allowing for quick and efficient target identification.

Additional Functionalities

  • Integrated UPS: Ensures continuous operation during power outages.
  • High-Visibility Pacing Lights: Clearly indicate entry points at large events.
  • Cabinet Storage: Convenient for charging handheld detectors.
  • IP 65 Rating: All-weather performance with dust and water resistance.
  • Sophisticated Design: A sleek structure suitable for various settings.
  • Zero Touch™ Technology: NFC card reader for easy settings adjustment.
  • Time of Flight Sensors: Detect the presence and direction of movement.
  • Secure Construction: Key-lock secured detection head and crosspiece to prevent tampering.
  • Quick-Q® Option: Allows ignoring cell phones while detecting larger weapons.
  • 200 Sensitivity Levels: Customizable to suit diverse security needs.

Warranty and Assurance

The Paragon comes with a 3-year warranty, ensuring reliability and peace of mind for your security needs.


The Garrett Paragon Walk-Through Metal Detector is more than just a security device; it’s a commitment to safety and efficiency, designed to instill confidence in your security screening process.