Garrett PD 6500i - Garrett Security Metal Detector

$4,994.95 $3,997.12

imagesThe Garret PD 6500i Metal Detector is the most advanced of its kind. With exceptional features such as Interference Suppression and the Advanced Broadband detection technology, the PD 6500i Metal Detector will meet all your company’s needs. With an attractive and protective construction, along with 33 Pinpoint Zones, this metal detector will provide your company with professional security.


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$4,994.95 $3,997.12

This Metal Detector Features:

  • 2yr Warranty - We Repair Or Replace For Free
  • Easy To Install - Takes 30 min or Less
  • FREE Shipping

Key Features:

  • 21 Programs which meet all the ECAC requirements for installation.airports
  • Double Detection- the Garrett PD 6500i scans from both the left and right sides, ensuring superior detection. Each panel has receivers and transmitters, making this metal detector as powerful as two.
  • Non-Interference- the adjustable frequencies and superior filtering make it so any effects from outside frequencies with not interfere with the sensitivity of the Garret PD 6500i.
  • 33 Pinpoint Zones which accurately identify various targets on the right, center, and left sides, from the head to the feet of the individual. They are displayed by two distinct LED columns.
  • Random Alarm Feature- adjustable from 0 to 50%, this feature randomly selects individuals on which to sound the alarm. This provides additional security as those individuals may then be submitted to an additional search with a hand-scanner.
  • Directional Counter- tracks the number of individuals passing through the metal detector, what direction they were going, and the number of alarms.
  • Advanced broadband detection technology- ensures exceptional target analysis, discrimination and higher throughput.
  • Networking- provides remote control, group management, data analysis, and monitoring



Display Features:

  • Pacing Lights at the entrance of the metal detector display international stop and go symbols which controls the flow of traffic.
  • The Alarms volume is adjustable. LED lights provide a visual alarm.
  • Control Outputs- contains solid state switches for operating alarms and control devicesSecurity Features:
  • The Garrett PD 6500i meets the highest test certifications in the world.
  • To change the settings, one must have a key to the lock, and pass through two levels of access codes. In addition, a cabinet lock ensures greater security, as it prevents unauthorized individuals from tampering with electronics, connectors and cables.Construction Features:
  • Made from aluminum, contains Detection Heads, and is scratch-resistant.
  • No adjustments or rewiring are necessary. Fully automatic 100 to 240 VAC.
  • Operates perfectly from 4 to 158 degrees, and up to 95 non-condensing  humidity.
  • Foreign Object Protection/ Weatherproofing- meets the IP 55, IEC Standard
  • Meets the IP55 Standards for foreign matte and moisture protection

Bonus Features:

  • Garret PD 6500i has a 24 month warranty for labor and parts.
  • Compatible with various brands and units. This provides that the Garrett PD 6500i will work in close proximity with other PD 6500′s as well as other walk-through metal detectors.