Garrett Superscanner V Security Wand

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Actual Garrett Brand! (not made in China like other duplicates)

The Garret Super Scanner V handheld metal detector is a blueprint for ultimate flexibility. Microprocessor technology gives this compact detection wand a sensitivity boost, triggering an alarm when small metals and weapons are identified. Durable construction, self-calibration and anti-interference controls allow security professionals to swiftly scan the body to neutralize theft and legitimate threats.

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$199.87 $127.91


  • Rugged, weatherproof construction
  • Enhanced sensitivity detects weapons
  • Prevents valuable property loss
  • Locates small metals at close range
  • Momentary switch blocks interference temporarily
  • Self-calibrating capabilities
  • Wide 10-inch scanning surface
  • Audible and visual alarms
  • Discreet vibrating alarm
  • Durable, high impact casing
  • No assembly required
  • Extended battery life
  • LED lit power controls
  • Optional rechargeable battery kit

Compact Design. Sensitive Detection. Preventive security is even more important than defensive security, neutralizing potential threats before they trigger hazardous disruptions. In high profile and heavily populated environments, a single alarm can mean the difference between saving lives and failing to launch a smart tactical response to a dangerous situation. Imagine the impact a security breach would have at an international event like the Olympics, where safe accommodation of all foreign guests is essential to maintaining global cooperation. When incorporated into a strict security infrastructure, handheld metal detectors offer an exceptionally efficient method of creating an environment free of unrestricted weapons and where all visitors feel protected. Handheld detectors are not only convenient for carrying, but also offer weatherproof protection for use in any setting. This handy technology eliminates the need for traditional pat downs, offering a more precise and less invasive means of identifying threats and eradicating theft.   Garret Super Scanner Detector With advanced sensitivity and impressively resilient construction, “super” is an accurate way to describe the enhanced capabilities of the Garret Super Scanner V handheld metal detector. A self-calibrating system automatically adjusts sensitivity, making this compact unit a simple, ready-to-use device. This advanced detection wand can scan large areas in a single sweep, allowing security guards to inspect high volumes of people quickly and thoroughly. The internal microprocessor activates an audible or vibrating alarm to identify ferrous and non-ferrous metals, detecting a medium-sized pistol from 9 inches away and small jewelry or foil-wrapped drugs at a one-inch range. No tools are required to assemble this battery-powered, weatherproof detector, which can temporarily reduce interference with the push of a button. The Garret Super Scanner V is recommended by security professionals across the globe in settings such as prisons, schools, airports, recreational centers and commercial stores. It’s no surprise that the Super Scanner was specifically designed for the Olympic Games, as the updated energy efficient format and durable casing is meant to survive the long hours without sacrificing performance.   Garret Super Scanner V Handheld Metal Detector Features:

  • Rugged, weatherproof construction withstands harsh environments
  • Enhanced sensitivity detects guns, knives and other weapons
  • Locates small metals like jewelry at close range
  • Self-calibrating technology adjusts sensitivity when necessary
  • Wide 8-inch scanning surface for quick detection
  • Audible and visual alarms identify harmful objects
  • Silent vibrating alarm option offers discreet detection
  • Push button blocks ambient metal interference temporarily
  • Durable, high impact ABS casing prevents damage
  • Ready to use design with no assembly required
  • LED light indicates on/off and low battery
  • Energy-efficient design offers extended battery life
  • Optional rechargeable battery kit powers unit on the go