Garrett Infinium LS Land And Sea Detector

$1,250.65 $1,125.41

Infinium LS – the only detector designed for both Land and Sea use.

The infinium LS offers great detection on both land and sea.  Search anywhere, anytime.

The new Infinium LS is a new direction for Garrett and for treasure hunters and prospectors everywhere.  It is specifically designed for the best detection depth and stability in highly mineralized environments where conventional metal detectors suffer from performance loss.  From the gold fields in Australia or Arizona, to the Civil War battlefields or Pacific Northwest, or along the black sand beaches, the Infinium LS will maintain exceptional performance.  The waterproof design makes it the first detector to go from land to sea only by adding a waterproof headphone.  The Infinium LS is truly a “go anywhere” detector.


$1,250.65 $1,125.41


  • Designed for treasure hunting in any environment.
  • Advanced Pulse Induction (API).
  • Waterproof design for detecting on land and sea.
  • Simple operation with just three controls to effortlessly hold performance at optimum levels.
  • Discrimination Dial provides infinite adjustability for varying the degrees of discrimination
  • Tone ID offers distinct tones for different targets.
  • Reverse Discrimination assists in identifying most iron.
  • Adjustable operating frequency helps minimize interference.
  • Automatic Ground Track keeps the detector optimized for as soil conditions change.
  • Audio Threshhold adjustment to suit individual hunting styles and listening needs.
  • Lightweight, power-saving design uses only eight AA batteries.
  • Choice of four different control housing configurations: hip-mount, under the cuff, above or below the stem.
  • Complete line of new Infinium LS searchcoils: 10″ x 14″ Power DD, 10″ x 14″ Mono; 8″ Mono.


Infinium Accessories

10″ x 14″ Coil Cover


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Treasure Digger Kit


Ace 150 Accessories

Stainless Steel Trowel


AT Gold Accessories

Headphone Adapter 1/4in


Infinium Accessories

3″ x 7″ Coil Cover


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Pro Pointer

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